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VA Technical Reference Model v 24.4

Technology/Operating System Report
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Technology/Operating System ReportTechnology/Operating System Report help

The following table displays a list of approved Technologies that are associated with approved Operating Systems.

List of Supported Operating Systems for each Technology
Operating System Technology
1 Amazon Linux Amazon Genomics Command Line Interface (CLI)
2 Amazon Linux Amazon Inspector
3 Amazon Linux Amazon Systems Manager (SSM) Agent
4 Amazon Linux Anchore Syft
5 Amazon Linux BeyondTrust Remote Support
6 Amazon Linux Chamber
7 Amazon Linux Chef InSpec
8 Amazon Linux Cleo Harmony
9 Amazon Linux Cribl Stream
10 Amazon Linux Denodo Platform
11 Amazon Linux Enterprise Health
12 Amazon Linux GitHub Command Line Interface (CLI)
13 Amazon Linux Kong Gateway
14 Amazon Linux Kubernetes
15 Amazon Linux Kubernetes Metrics-Server
16 Amazon Linux Liferay Portal
17 Amazon Linux Machine Learning (ML) flow
18 Amazon Linux Nginx Open Source
19 Amazon Linux NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) Server
20 Amazon Linux RStudio Connect
21 Amazon Linux s3fs-fuse
22 Amazon Linux Salt
23 Amazon Linux SAMBA
24 Amazon Linux Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Analog Modem Server (SAMS)
25 Amazon Linux SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server
26 Amazon Linux Tableau Server
27 Amazon Linux Terraform Enterprise
28 Amazon Linux Tyler Application Platform (TAP)
29 Amazon Linux tzdata
30 Amazon Linux VictoriaMetrics
31 Amazon Linux VLTrader
32 Amazon Linux Workload Automation System Agent (WASA)
33 Amazon Linux XNAT
34 Android (Mobile) Appium
35 Android (Mobile) OPN-2006 Software
36 CentOS Linux Acceo Tender Retail Manager
37 CentOS Linux Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office
38 CentOS Linux Active IQ Unified Manager
39 CentOS Linux Adobe Campaign
40 CentOS Linux Advanced Digital Signature Services (ADSS) Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Monitor
41 CentOS Linux Advanced Remote Monitoring System (ARMS)
42 CentOS Linux Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Command Line Client
43 CentOS Linux Amazon Web Services (AWS) Command Line Interface (CLI)
44 CentOS Linux Ansible
45 CentOS Linux Ansible Tower
46 CentOS Linux App Connectors
47 CentOS Linux Application Performance Management (APM) Java Agent
48 CentOS Linux Asigra Cloud Backup
49 CentOS Linux Aspera Connect Browser Plugin
50 CentOS Linux Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server
51 CentOS Linux Autodesk Mudbox
52 CentOS Linux Automic Continuous Delivery Automation
53 CentOS Linux Automic Workload Automation
54 CentOS Linux Avamar
55 CentOS Linux Avaya Aura System Platform
56 CentOS Linux AvediaServer
57 CentOS Linux Avid Nexis
58 CentOS Linux Azure Migrate
59 CentOS Linux Backup and Migrate - Drupal Module
60 CentOS Linux Backup Exec
61 CentOS Linux BelManage
62 CentOS Linux Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND)
63 CentOS Linux Better Exposed Filters - Drupal Module
64 CentOS Linux BlueJeans Desktop Application
65 CentOS Linux Blueworx Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA)
66 CentOS Linux BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization
67 CentOS Linux Bootstrap for Drupal
68 CentOS Linux Brekeke Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Server
69 CentOS Linux Cache Zen
70 CentOS Linux cAdvisor
71 CentOS Linux Calendar Pro for Microsoft Teams
72 CentOS Linux CAPTCHA - Drupal Module
73 CentOS Linux Carta Cartographer
74 CentOS Linux Ceph
75 CentOS Linux Checkmarx Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
76 CentOS Linux CKEditor Module of Drupal Core
77 CentOS Linux Cohesity DataPlatform
78 CentOS Linux CommCell Console
79 CentOS Linux Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN)
80 CentOS Linux Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)
81 CentOS Linux Confluent Platform
82 CentOS Linux ControlUp
83 CentOS Linux Corelight Fleet Manager
84 CentOS Linux Corelight Software Sensor
85 CentOS Linux csCoder
86 CentOS Linux Cypress
87 CentOS Linux Data Exchange Layer (DXL)
88 CentOS Linux DataDog Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Agent
89 CentOS Linux DataRobot
90 CentOS Linux DaVinci Resolve
91 CentOS Linux Dell Adaptivity Platform
92 CentOS Linux Dell EMC Solutions Enabler
93 CentOS Linux Denodo Platform
94 CentOS Linux Devel - Drupal Module
95 CentOS Linux Device42
96 CentOS Linux Digital Ventilated Cages (DVC) Server
97 CentOS Linux DirectAudit
98 CentOS Linux DirectControl
99 CentOS Linux Docker Datacenter (DDC)
100 CentOS Linux DokuWiki
101 CentOS Linux Druid
102 CentOS Linux DynaTrace OneAgent
103 CentOS Linux Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Agent
104 CentOS Linux Eggplant Functional
105 CentOS Linux Endpoint Security Client
106 CentOS Linux Enj
107 CentOS Linux Entity Application Programming Interface (API) - Drupal Module
108 CentOS Linux Entity Reference - Drupal Module
109 CentOS Linux Epik
110 CentOS Linux Erlang Open Telecom Platform (OTP)
111 CentOS Linux everRun Enterprise
112 CentOS Linux eVideon Interactive Patient Care Television System
113 CentOS Linux ExpanDrive Desktop
114 CentOS Linux Extensible Markup Language (XML) Sitemap - Drupal Module
115 CentOS Linux External Links - Drupal Module
116 CentOS Linux Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL)
117 CentOS Linux f.lux
118 CentOS Linux Features - Drupal Module
119 CentOS Linux Field Collection - Drupal Module
120 CentOS Linux File Entity - Drupal Module
121 CentOS Linux FMRIB Software Library (FSL)
122 CentOS Linux Forena Reports
123 CentOS Linux GenomeBrowse
124 CentOS Linux GeoDa
125 CentOS Linux GestióIP
126 CentOS Linux Git
127 CentOS Linux GitLab Community Edition (CE)
128 CentOS Linux GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE)
129 CentOS Linux Globus Toolkit
130 CentOS Linux GNU Octave
131 CentOS Linux GNU Tape Archiver (TAR)
132 CentOS Linux gnuplot
133 CentOS Linux Google Puppeteer
134 CentOS Linux Gsutil
135 CentOS Linux Harness
136 CentOS Linux HCL BigFix
137 CentOS Linux Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)
138 CentOS Linux Host Integration Tool for Linux (HIT/Linux)
139 CentOS Linux Hyperledger Aries
140 CentOS Linux IceWarp Server
141 CentOS Linux imagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Office
142 CentOS Linux Images for Moxie Code Editor (IMCE)- Drupal Module
143 CentOS Linux Immuta
144 CentOS Linux Imprivata Caradigm Single Sign-On (SSO) and Context Management (CM)
145 CentOS Linux Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2)
146 CentOS Linux InMage Scout
147 CentOS Linux Insert - Drupal Module
148 CentOS Linux Insight Control
149 CentOS Linux Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL)
150 CentOS Linux International Business Machines (IBM) Partner Engagement Manager (PEM)
151 CentOS Linux International Business Machines (IBM) UrbanCode Deploy
152 CentOS Linux IOzone
153 CentOS Linux iperf
154 CentOS Linux iSchemaView Rapid
155 CentOS Linux Isensix Guardian
156 CentOS Linux Isilon Insight IQ
157 CentOS Linux Jaguar
158 CentOS Linux Jekyll
159 CentOS Linux Jenkins Continuous Integration Server
160 CentOS Linux Jive-n
161 CentOS Linux jPDFEditor
162 CentOS Linux JumpMind SymmetricDS
163 CentOS Linux Keepalived
164 CentOS Linux Local Access Network rev (LANrev)
165 CentOS Linux Logspout
166 CentOS Linux Machine Learning (ML).NET
167 CentOS Linux MacroModel
168 CentOS Linux Mail Redirect - Drupal Module
169 CentOS Linux Mail System - Drupal Module
170 CentOS Linux Maya
171 CentOS Linux Media - Drupal Module
172 CentOS Linux Media YouTube - Drupal Module
173 CentOS Linux Metatag - Drupal Module
174 CentOS Linux Microsoft Azure Command Line Interface (CLI)
175 CentOS Linux Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) Agent
176 CentOS Linux Migrate - Drupal Module
177 CentOS Linux Mime Mail - Drupal Module
178 CentOS Linux Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR)
179 CentOS Linux Mirantis Kubernetes Engine
180 CentOS Linux Mono
181 CentOS Linux Mortice Kern Systems (MKS) Toolkit
182 CentOS Linux MousePoint
183 CentOS Linux associated with a locked category My Structured Query Language (MySQL) Database - Commercial Editions associated with a locked category
184 CentOS Linux associated with a locked category My Structured Query Language (MySQL) Database - Community Editions associated with a locked category
185 CentOS Linux National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) Annotator
186 CentOS Linux NetApp StorageGRID
187 CentOS Linux NetBrain
188 CentOS Linux NetIQ AppManager
189 CentOS Linux Network Executive (NetEx) Software for Bull General Comprehensive Operating System (GCOS) 8
190 CentOS Linux Network Virtualization (NV)
191 CentOS Linux NetWorker
192 CentOS Linux NGINX Controller
193 CentOS Linux No Magic Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud)
194 CentOS Linux NSClient++ (NSCP)
195 CentOS Linux OCS Inventory NG Agent
196 CentOS Linux Ogre
197 CentOS Linux OmniPage Capture Software Development Kit (CSDK)
198 CentOS Linux Opal
199 CentOS Linux Open Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (OpenLDAP)
200 CentOS Linux OpenDaylight
201 CentOS Linux OpenPublic - Drupal Module
202 CentOS Linux OpUtils
203 CentOS Linux Oracle OSWatcher Black Box (OSWbb)
204 CentOS Linux Orbacus
205 CentOS Linux Oversight Core
206 CentOS Linux Pango
207 CentOS Linux Password Policy - Drupal Module
208 CentOS Linux Pathauto - Drupal Module
209 CentOS Linux Performance focused Service Oriented Network monitoring ARchitecture (perfSONAR)
210 CentOS Linux Perl-devel
211 CentOS Linux Pinfo
212 CentOS Linux PlateSpin Migrate
213 CentOS Linux PostGIS
214 CentOS Linux associated with a locked category PostgreSQL associated with a locked category
215 CentOS Linux Prime
216 CentOS Linux PrizmDoc Viewer
217 CentOS Linux PsychoPy
218 CentOS Linux Puppet Enterprise
219 CentOS Linux PyMOL
220 CentOS Linux PyTorch - Python Interface
221 CentOS Linux QDirect
222 CentOS Linux QSite
223 CentOS Linux Quality Center
224 CentOS Linux RabbitMQ
225 CentOS Linux Radiantone FID (Federated Identity Directory)
226 CentOS Linux Red Hat Developer Toolset
227 CentOS Linux Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL)
228 CentOS Linux Redirect - Drupal Module
229 CentOS Linux RedPoint Data Management
230 CentOS Linux References - Drupal Module
231 CentOS Linux Remedy
232 CentOS Linux Reprise License Manager
233 CentOS Linux REX-Ray
234 CentOS Linux RightITnow Event Correlation Manager (ECM)
235 CentOS Linux Robo 3T
236 CentOS Linux R-Studio
237 CentOS Linux Rsyslog
238 CentOS Linux s3fs-fuse
239 CentOS Linux SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC)
240 CentOS Linux Sakai Distance Learning
241 CentOS Linux Salt
242 CentOS Linux SANtricity Storage Manager
243 CentOS Linux SAS University Edition
244 CentOS Linux Search Application Programming Interface (API) - Drupal Module
245 CentOS Linux Search Application Programming Interface (API) Database Search - Drupal Module
246 CentOS Linux Selenium WebDriver PhantomJS cross platform
247 CentOS Linux Service Level Manager
248 CentOS Linux Serv-U File Server
249 CentOS Linux Shiny Server
250 CentOS Linux Snipe-IT
251 CentOS Linux SoapUI
252 CentOS Linux Solaris Host Utilities
253 CentOS Linux SolarWinds Web Help Desk (WHD)
254 CentOS Linux Sound eXchange (SoX)
255 CentOS Linux Spacewalk
256 CentOS Linux Spectrum Technology Platform
257 CentOS Linux SteelCentral Unified Communications Expert (UCExpert)
258 CentOS Linux strace
259 CentOS Linux StreamWeaver
260 CentOS Linux Studio 3T
261 CentOS Linux Supermicro Power Manager (SPM)
262 CentOS Linux Supermicro Server Manager (SSM)
263 CentOS Linux Synapse
264 CentOS Linux Sysdig Monitor
265 CentOS Linux System Advisor Model
266 CentOS Linux Talend Data Management Platform
267 CentOS Linux Talend Open Studio for Big Data
268 CentOS Linux TeXstudio
269 CentOS Linux TIBCO Data Science Operations
270 CentOS Linux TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR)
271 CentOS Linux Tibco Managed File Transfer
272 CentOS Linux TIBCO Team Studio
273 CentOS Linux Token - Drupal Module
274 CentOS Linux Totara Learn
275 CentOS Linux Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS)
276 CentOS Linux Trifacta Wrangler
277 CentOS Linux Tripwire Enterprise
278 CentOS Linux Universally Unique IDentifier - Drupal Module
279 CentOS Linux Uplogix Local Manager
280 CentOS Linux Upstart
281 CentOS Linux v5 Real Time Streaming Protocol (rtsp) plugin
282 CentOS Linux Vagrant
283 CentOS Linux Varnish - Drupal Module
284 CentOS Linux Veritas NetBackup
285 CentOS Linux Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Automated Testing Suite (VATS)
286 CentOS Linux Views - Drupal Module
287 CentOS Linux Virtual Infrastructure Extension (VIX) Application Programming Interface (API)
288 CentOS Linux VMware Aria Automation
289 CentOS Linux VMware Network Virtualization and Security (NSX)
290 CentOS Linux VMware Remote Console
291 CentOS Linux Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) Management Center (vMC)
292 CentOS Linux Voting Application Programming Interface (API) - Drupal Module
293 CentOS Linux VPSX Enterprise
294 CentOS Linux WebClientPrint Processor (WCPP)
295 CentOS Linux WebCRD
296 CentOS Linux WebLOAD
297 CentOS Linux Weight - Drupal Module
298 CentOS Linux Workbench - Drupal Module
299 CentOS Linux Workbench Media - Drupal Module
300 CentOS Linux Workbench Moderation - Drupal Module
301 CentOS Linux Workload Automation System Agent (WASA)
302 CentOS Linux X Window System Remote Desktop Protocol (xRDP)
303 CentOS Linux Xen Project Hypervisor
304 CentOS Linux xinetd
305 CentOS Linux xMatters Integration Agent
306 CentOS Linux XNAT
307 CentOS Linux Xymon Monitor
308 CentOS Linux yEd Graph Editor
309 CentOS Linux YesLogic Prince
310 CentOS Linux Zenoss Analytics
311 CentOS Linux Zenoss Core
312 CentOS Linux Zenoss Service Dynamics
313 CentOS Linux ZeroMQ
314 CentOS Linux Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL Enterprise
315 CentOS Linux Zoom CallREC
316 CentOS Linux Zotero Connector
317 iOS (Mobile) Appium
318 iOS (Mobile) Cisco AnyConnect (Mobile)
319 iOS (Mobile) Digital Intern Software
320 iOS (Mobile) Exposure ED (Mobile)
321 iOS (Mobile) iPod (Mobile)
322 iOS (Mobile) Microsoft .NET Framework
323 iOS (Mobile) Mindfulness Coach (Mobile)
324 iOS (Mobile) Moving Forward (Mobile)
325 iOS (Mobile) OPN-2006 Software
326 iOS (Mobile) Parenting2Go (Mobile)
327 iOS (Mobile) PERRLA
328 iOS (Mobile) Pexip Infinity Connect Mobile (Mobile)
329 iOS (Mobile) Serv-U File Server
330 macOS @RISK
331 macOS 1E Client
332 macOS 3Dconnexion Collage
333 macOS 3DxWare
334 macOS 3M Littmann StethAssist Heart and Lung Sound Visualization Software
335 macOS a11yTools
336 macOS AB Tutor
337 macOS ABBYY FineReader
338 macOS ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap
339 macOS Ableton Live
340 macOS Absolute Platform
341 macOS AccelFind
342 macOS Access Alchemy
343 macOS Access Bot
344 macOS Accessibility Management Platform (AMP)
345 macOS Accessible Color Picker
346 macOS Accounts Receivable Management System Provider Reimbursement Optimization (ARMS PRO)
347 macOS AcqKnowledge for Stellar Telemetry
348 macOS AcqKnowledge Software
349 macOS Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT)
350 macOS Acronis Cyber Backup
351 macOS Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office
352 macOS ActiLife
353 macOS Action Essentials 2
354 macOS ActivClient
355 macOS Active IQ Config Advisor
356 macOS Active Server Pages (ASP) .NET Core Blazor
357 macOS Active Server Pages (ASP) .NET Core Model-View-Controller (MVC)
358 macOS Active Server Pages (ASP) .NET Model-View-Controller (MVC)
359 macOS Active Server Pages (ASP).NET Core
360 macOS ActiveBatch
361 macOS ActivePerl
362 macOS ActiveReports
363 macOS ActiveTcl
364 macOS ActivInspire
365 macOS Activiti
366 macOS AcuFill Software Development Kit (SDK)
367 macOS Acumen Fuse
368 macOS Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)
369 macOS AdBlock
370 macOS AdminLTE
371 macOS AdminStudio
372 macOS Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud (DC)
373 macOS Adobe Acrobat Microsoft Edge Extension
374 macOS Adobe Acrobat Reader Document Cloud (DC)
375 macOS Adobe Acrobat Sign
376 macOS Adobe After Effects
377 macOS Adobe Animate Creative Cloud (CC)
378 macOS Adobe Application Manager
379 macOS Adobe Audition
380 macOS Adobe Bridge
381 macOS Adobe Camera Raw
382 macOS Adobe Captivate
383 macOS Adobe Character Animator
384 macOS Adobe ColdFusion
385 macOS Adobe ColdFusion Builder
386 macOS Adobe Connect
387 macOS Adobe Contribute
388 macOS Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application
389 macOS Adobe Creative Cloud Packager (CCP)
390 macOS Adobe Digital Editions
391 macOS Adobe Digital Negative Graphic (DNG) Converter
392 macOS Adobe Dimension Creative Cloud (CC)
393 macOS Adobe Dreamweaver
394 macOS Adobe Edge Animate
395 macOS Adobe Edge Code
396 macOS Adobe Edge Inspect
397 macOS Adobe Edge Reflow
398 macOS Adobe Elements
399 macOS Adobe Encore
400 macOS Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
401 macOS Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) Creative Cloud (CC)
402 macOS Adobe Extension Manager
403 macOS Adobe Flash Builder
404 macOS Adobe Flash Player
405 macOS Adobe Flash Player Plug-in
406 macOS Adobe Help Manager
407 macOS Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC)
408 macOS Adobe InCopy
409 macOS Adobe InDesign
410 macOS Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
411 macOS Adobe Learning Manager
412 macOS Adobe Lightroom Classic Creative Cloud (CC)
413 macOS Adobe Linguistics
414 macOS Adobe Media Encoder
415 macOS Adobe Muse Creative Cloud (CC)
416 macOS Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC)
417 macOS Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Library Software Development Kit (SDK)
418 macOS Adobe Prelude
419 macOS Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud (CC)
420 macOS Adobe Premiere Rush
421 macOS Adobe Presenter
422 macOS Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool
423 macOS Adobe RoboHelp
424 macOS Adobe Scout Creative Cloud (CC)
425 macOS Adobe SpeedGrade
426 macOS Adobe User Sync Tool
427 macOS Adobe Version Cue
428 macOS Adobe XD Creative Cloud (CC)
429 macOS Advanced REST Client (ARC)
430 macOS Advanced Temporal Language Aided Search (ATLAS)
431 macOS AEScripts pt_ImportSubtitles Plugin
432 macOS Affinity Designer
433 macOS Agantty
434 macOS Agisoft Metashape
435 macOS Agnes Interactive
436 macOS Aidin
437 macOS AirMagnet Spectrum XT
438 macOS AirMagnet Survey
439 macOS AirMedia Client Application
440 macOS Airserver
441 macOS Akka
442 macOS Alertus Desktop
443 macOS Alertus Desktop Activator
444 macOS Alertus Override Client
445 macOS Alfresco Community Edition
446 macOS Alfresco One
447 macOS AlinIQ Integrated Platform
448 macOS Alive Clinical
449 macOS Alloy Discovery
450 macOS Allure Reporting
451 macOS ALOHA (Areal Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres)
452 macOS Alvaria Customer Experience Platform (CXP)
453 macOS Alvaria Prophecy
454 macOS Amazon Cloudwatch
455 macOS Amazon Corretto
456 macOS Amazon Genomics Command Line Interface (CLI)
457 macOS Amazon Redshift Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver
458 macOS Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Command Line Client
459 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Command Line Interface (CLI)
460 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) ElasticWolf Client Console
461 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Hub
462 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless Application Model (SAM)
463 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Snowball Client
464 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET
465 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java
466 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for JavaScript in Node.js
467 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Ruby
468 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Tools for Windows PowerShell
469 macOS Amazon Web Services (AWS)-Shell
470 macOS Amazon Web Services Serverless Application Model Command Line Interface (AWS SAM CLI)
471 macOS Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS)
472 macOS AmCharts 5
473 macOS Amelia II
474 macOS American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS) Practice and Outcomes Surgical Therapies (POST)
475 macOS American Foundation for the Blind Accessible Player
476 macOS American HealthTech Care Management
477 macOS Anaconda
478 macOS Analysis of Functional Neuro Images (AFNI)
479 macOS Analyzer
480 macOS Anchore Syft
481 macOS Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
482 macOS Android Studio
483 macOS Angular
484 macOS Angular Command Line Interface (CLI)
485 macOS Angular DevTools
486 macOS Angular Tree Component
487 macOS AngularJS
488 macOS Another Neat Tool (ANT)
489 macOS Ansible
490 macOS Ansible Project
491 macOS Ant-Contrib Tasks
492 macOS Antelope
493 macOS Antibody Check
494 macOS AntiSamy
495 macOS Any Video Converter (AVC)
496 macOS AnyLogic
497 macOS AnyMeeting Add-In for Microsoft Outlook
498 macOS Anypoint Platform
499 macOS Apache ActiveMQ
500 macOS Apache Airflow
501 macOS Apache Atlas
502 macOS Apache Axis2
503 macOS Apache Cocoon
504 macOS Apache Commons Collections
505 macOS Apache Commons Validator (CV)
506 macOS Apache Cordova
507 macOS Apache CXF
508 macOS Apache Directory Studio
509 macOS Apache Extensible Markup Language (XML) Security for Java
510 macOS Apache Flex BlazeDS
511 macOS Apache Flex Software Development Kit (SDK)
512 macOS Apache Freemarker
513 macOS Apache Geronimo
514 macOS Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Server
515 macOS Apache Jackrabbit
516 macOS Apache James (Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server)
517 macOS Apache Jena
518 macOS Apache JMeter
519 macOS Apache Kafka
520 macOS Apache Kafka Cluster Visualization (AKHQ)
521 macOS Apache Lucene.Net
522 macOS Apache Multipurpose Infrastructure for Network Applications (MINA)
523 macOS Apache MyFaces Core
524 macOS Apache Neethi
525 macOS Apache Nifi
526 macOS Apache Pivot
527 macOS Apache Portable Document Format (PDF) Box
528 macOS Apache Spark
529 macOS Apache Storm
530 macOS Apache Struts
531 macOS Apache Tiles
532 macOS Apache Tomcat
533 macOS Apache TomEE
534 macOS Apache Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA)
535 macOS Apache Web Services Security for Java (WSS4J)
536 macOS Apache XMLSchema
537 macOS Apache Zeppelin
538 macOS Apache ZooKeeper
539 macOS APHont
540 macOS AppDynamics
541 macOS Apple Configurator
542 macOS Apple iTunes
543 macOS Apple Remote Desktop (ARD)
544 macOS Application DS-L4 Viewer
545 macOS Application Insights for Node.js
546 macOS Application Insights JavaScript (JS)
547 macOS Aquamacs
548 macOS Araxis Merge
549 macOS ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud
550 macOS ArcSoft PhotoStudio
551 macOS Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
552 macOS ArGest Backup
553 macOS Arterial Spin Labeled Perfusion Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data processing toolbox (ASLtbx)
554 macOS Articulate 360
555 macOS Articulate Peek
556 macOS Articulate Storyline 2
557 macOS Articulate Storyline 3
558 macOS Articulate Studio
559 macOS Artifact Detection Tools (ART)
560 macOS ArtRage
561 macOS Asiga Composer
562 macOS Asigra Cloud Backup
563 macOS ASM Bytecode Framework
564 macOS AspectJ
565 macOS Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)
566 macOS Aspera Connect Browser Plugin
567 macOS Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server
568 macOS Aspose.BarCode for .NET
569 macOS Aspose.Cells for Java
570 macOS Aspose.Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for .NET
571 macOS Aspose.Portable Document Format (Aspose.PDF) for .NET
572 macOS Aspose.Words for .NET
573 macOS Aspose.Words for JasperReports
574 macOS Aspose.Words for Java
575 macOS AspUpload
576 macOS Associated Press (AP) StyleGuard for Word
577 macOS AT&T AllAccess
578 macOS Atelier
579 macOS Aternity Activity Designer
580 macOS Aternity Agent
581 macOS Aternity Extension for Agent
582 macOS Aternity Web Activity Creator (WAC)
583 macOS ATLAS.ti
584 macOS Atom
585 macOS Audacity
586 macOS AudioNote
587 macOS Augury
588 macOS Auto Computer Aided Design (CAD) Architecture
589 macOS Auto Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lite (LT)
590 macOS Auto Computer Aided Design (CAD) Map Three Dimensional (3D)
591 macOS Auto Computer Aided Design (CAD) Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)
592 macOS AutoCAD
593 macOS AutoCAD Print Studio
594 macOS AutoCAD Raster Design
595 macOS Autodesk Alias
596 macOS Autodesk Backburner
597 macOS Autodesk Composite
598 macOS Autodesk Fusion 360
599 macOS Autodesk Inventor
600 macOS Autodesk Mudbox
601 macOS Autodesk Network License Manager
602 macOS Autodesk Revit
603 macOS Autodesk Sketchbook
604 macOS AutoHotkey
605 macOS Automate Desktop
606 macOS Automated Characterization of Health Information at Large-scale Longitudinal Evidence Systems (ACHILLES)
607 macOS Automox
608 macOS Avamar
609 macOS Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Multi Channel
610 macOS Avaya CallPilot
611 macOS Avaya Oceana
612 macOS Avaya one-X Communicator
613 macOS Avaya Workplace Client
614 macOS Avery Design and Print
615 macOS Avid Infinitely Scalable Intelligent Storage (ISIS) Software
616 macOS Avid Interplay Production
617 macOS Avid Media Composer
618 macOS Avid MediaCentral Production Management
619 macOS Avid Nexis
620 macOS AVI-SPL Symphony
621 macOS aXe
622 macOS aXe-core
623 macOS aXe-Webdriverjs
624 macOS Axis Image Management Software
625 macOS Axure Rapid Prototyping (RP)
626 macOS Aycan Workstation
627 macOS Azul Platform Core
628 macOS Azure Data Studio
629 macOS Azure Functions Core Tools
630 macOS Azure Service Fabric
631 macOS AzureSpot Pro
632 macOS Azurite
633 macOS B. Braun Space Online Suite Rx
634 macOS Babel-Core
635 macOS Babel-Runtime
636 macOS Backup Exec
637 macOS Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART)
638 macOS Balsamiq Mockups
639 macOS Bambu Studio
640 macOS BAMNostic
641 macOS BarcodeLib
642 macOS Base64-JS
643 macOS Baselight for Avid
644 macOS BaseSpace Sequence Hub command line interface (CLI)
645 macOS BBEdit
646 macOS BCFtools
647 macOS BD HealthSight Infection Advisor with MedMined Insights
648 macOS BEAM
649 macOS Beam Software
650 macOS Beam_F3 Locator
651 macOS BeanShell
652 macOS Beanstalk
653 macOS Beats Platform
654 macOS Beautiful Soup
655 macOS Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function - Adult Version (BRIEF-A)
656 macOS BelManage
657 macOS Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND)
658 macOS Berkeley Yacc (byacc)
659 macOS Berkshelf
660 macOS BetterTouchTool
661 macOS Beyond Compare
662 macOS BeyondTrust Remote Support
663 macOS BigFix Remote Control
664 macOS Big-IP Edge Client
665 macOS Bing Maps Application Program Interface (API)
666 macOS Bing Wallpaper
667 macOS BioLuminate
668 macOS BioPython
669 macOS Bio-Rad Microplate Manager (MPM)
670 macOS Biosim
671 macOS Bitdefender Total Security
672 macOS BitRecover Mail Message (MSG) to Portable Document File (PDF) Wizard
673 macOS BizCard
674 macOS BizFlow Plus Business Process Management (BPM) Suite
675 macOS Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS)
676 macOS BlackBerry AtHoc
677 macOS BlackBerry Desktop Software
678 macOS Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher Software
679 macOS Blazemeter
680 macOS Blender
681 macOS Blimp
682 macOS Blue Sherpa
683 macOS Blue Sky Plan
684 macOS Blue Sky Statistics
685 macOS Bluebeam Revu
686 macOS Blueforce Command Center
687 macOS BlueJeans Browser Extension
688 macOS BlueJeans Desktop Application
689 macOS Blueprint
690 macOS Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro
691 macOS BodiTrak Pro
692 macOS Bodyswaps
693 macOS Bonita Business Process Modeling (BPM)
694 macOS Bonjour
695 macOS Bootstrap
696 macOS Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin
697 macOS Boris FX Continuum for Avid
698 macOS Boris FX Mocha Pro Plug-In for Avid
699 macOS Bosch Security Systems Video Client
700 macOS Bot Framework Emulator
701 macOS Bot Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) for JavaScript
702 macOS Bourne Again SHell (Bash)
703 macOS Bower
704 macOS Box Drive
705 macOS Brackets
706 macOS Brainlab Elements
707 macOS Brainsight Software for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
708 macOS BrainVisa
709 macOS BrainVoyager
710 macOS BrightEye Control
711 macOS Broadcom Development Test (DevTest) Solutions
712 macOS Broadcom Integrated Data Management System (IDMS)
713 macOS Brother Industries Multi-Function Link Pro Suite
714 macOS Brother iPrint and Scan
715 macOS Business in a Box
716 macOS Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)
717 macOS Business Service Management (BSM)
718 macOS C3P0
719 macOS CA-Application Performance Management (APM)-Probe
720 macOS Cache
721 macOS Cache Java Binding
722 macOS Cache Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Driver
723 macOS Cache Management Portal Structured Query Language (SQL) Interface
724 macOS Cache Objects
725 macOS Cache Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver
726 macOS Cache Server Pages (CSP)
727 macOS Cache Zen
728 macOS Cairo
729 macOS CakePHP
730 macOS Calendar Pro for Microsoft Teams
731 macOS Calibrated Neuropsychological Normative System (CNNS)
732 macOS Calibre
733 macOS CameraWindow
734 macOS Camtasia
735 macOS Camunda Business Process Management (BPM) Platform
736 macOS Camunda Modeler
737 macOS Canon CaptureOnTouch
738 macOS Canon Digital Camera Software
739 macOS Canon IJ Scan Utility
740 macOS Canon XF Utility Software
741 macOS CanoScan LiDE 120 Scanner Driver Package
742 macOS Canva for Desktop
743 macOS Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)
744 macOS CapsoView
745 macOS CaptaVision+
746 macOS Carbon Black Application Control
747 macOS CardImaging Software
748 macOS Cardinal Key
749 macOS Cardiovascular Orientation Program (CVOP)
750 macOS CardMinder
751 macOS cardPresso
752 macOS CARE Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Anonymizer
753 macOS CareLink iPro Therapy Management Software
754 macOS CareLink Pro
755 macOS CareLink Uploader
756 macOS CareWare
757 macOS CaseCenter
758 macOS Castor
759 macOS Catamaran Point of Use (POU) Inventory System
760 macOS Category Test (CAT)
761 macOS Catpac
762 macOS Causal Diagramming Tool
763 macOS CCleaner
764 macOS CDash
765 macOS CData Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver for SharePoint
766 macOS CE Deploy
767 macOS Cellavision Transfer Tool
768 macOS Cellvizio Viewer
769 macOS Celonis Agent
770 macOS Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions (CASAA) Application for Coding Treatment Interactions (CACTI)
771 macOS CenTrak Connect Pulse
772 macOS Central Nervous System Vital Signs (CNSVS)
773 macOS Centrify DirectManage
774 macOS Centrify Endpoint Services
775 macOS Cewolf
776 macOS Chai
777 macOS Chai-Enzyme
778 macOS Chamber
779 macOS Change Healthcare Radiology Solution
780 macOS Change Healthcare Study Share
781 macOS ChangeGear
782 macOS Chaos Monkey
783 macOS Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) - Drupal Module
784 macOS ChartReview
785 macOS Check My Links
786 macOS check-dependencies
787 macOS CheckStyle
788 macOS Chef Infra Server
789 macOS Chef InSpec
790 macOS ChemDraw
791 macOS Chest Imaging Platform (CIP)
792 macOS ChromeDriver
793 macOS Chromium
794 macOS CINEMA Four-Dimension (4D)
795 macOS Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (cvi42)
796 macOS Cisco AnyConnect Profile Editor
797 macOS Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
798 macOS Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI) Analyzer
799 macOS Cisco Emergency Responder (CER)
800 macOS Cisco Finesse
801 macOS Cisco Intelligent Proximity
802 macOS Cisco MediaSense
803 macOS Cisco Meeting Server
804 macOS Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) for Enterprise
805 macOS Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Agent
806 macOS Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)
807 macOS Cisco Packet Tracer
808 macOS Cisco RoomOS
809 macOS Cisco TelePresence Server
810 macOS Cisco Unified Communications Audit Tool (UCAT)
811 macOS Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service
812 macOS Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Central
813 macOS Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)
814 macOS Cisco Unity Connection
815 macOS Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL)
816 macOS Cisco WebEx Extension
817 macOS CiteAdvisor
818 macOS Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM)
819 macOS Citrix Gateway
820 macOS Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) Client
821 macOS Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility
822 macOS Citrix Workspace
823 macOS CKEditor
824 macOS CLAMP (Clinical Language Annotation, Modeling, and Processing) Toolkit
825 macOS Clang Static Analyzer
826 macOS Claris FileMaker 2023
827 macOS Classworlds
828 macOS CLC Genomics WorkBench, Qiagen
829 macOS ClearPass OnGuard
830 macOS ClickShare Extension Pack
831 macOS ClickShare Launcher
832 macOS Client Accelerator
833 macOS Client for URLs (cURL)
834 macOS Clinical Classifications Software (CCS) for International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM)
835 macOS Clinical Decision Support Administration Tool (CAT)
836 macOS Clinical Text Analysis and Knowledge Extraction System (cTAKES)
837 macOS Clinical Trials Processor (CTP)
838 macOS Closed Extensible Markup Language (ClosedXML) Nuget Package
839 macOS Closed Extensible Markup Language (XML).Extensions. Model View Controller (MVC) Nuget Package
840 macOS ClosedXML.Extensions.AspNet Nuget Package
841 macOS CloudBees Core
842 macOS CloudWatch Synthetics
843 macOS Cluster Secure Shell (ClusterSSH)
844 macOS Cluster Unique Identifier (CUID)
845 macOS CMake
846 macOS CMap Resources
847 macOS CmapTools
848 macOS Code On Time
849 macOS CODE-1 Plus Address Quality Solution
850 macOS CodeIgniter
851 macOS Codelyzer
852 macOS CodeMeter Runtime
853 macOS CoffeeScript
854 macOS Coginiti
855 macOS CogTool
856 macOS Cohesity Helios
857 macOS CohortMethod
858 macOS Collaborate Plan
859 macOS Collaborative Health Outcomes Information Registry (CHOIR)
860 macOS collectD
861 macOS Color Oracle
862 macOS Colorbrewer (Cbrewer)
863 macOS ColorEditor
864 macOS Colorspace Transformations
865 macOS Colour Contrast Analyser based on Electron (CCAe)
866 macOS Com4j
867 macOS Command Line Interface (CLI) for Salesforce
868 macOS CommandBox
869 macOS CommandCenter Secure Gateway
870 macOS CommCell Console
871 macOS Compass
872 macOS Complion
873 macOS Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN)
874 macOS Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) module
875 macOS Compressor
876 macOS Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)
877 macOS Computer Assisted Credentials Tracking and Update System (CACTUS)
878 macOS Computer Associates (CA) Integrated Database Management System (IDMS) Application Development System (ADS)
879 macOS Computer Associates (CA) Integrated Database Management System (IDMS) Online Query (OLQ)
880 macOS Computer Associates (CA) Integrated Database Management System (IDMS) Performance Monitor (PERFMON)
881 macOS Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Manager Control Utility
882 macOS Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Chemicals
883 macOS Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Data Manager
884 macOS Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction Toolkit (CARET)
885 macOS Computerized Language Analysis (CLAN)
886 macOS Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) Lab Formatter
887 macOS COMSOL Multiphysics
888 macOS concrete5
889 macOS Concurrent
890 macOS Conditional Random Field Suite (CRFsuite)
891 macOS Config
892 macOS Confluent Platform
893 macOS Congestive Heart Failure Information Extraction Framework (CHIEF)
894 macOS Connect Fonts
895 macOS Connect for Node.Js
896 macOS Connectome Workbench
897 macOS Conscious Food Court
898 macOS Consensys
899 macOS Consul
900 macOS ContactGenie Toolkit
901 macOS ConText
902 macOS Continuum Explorer
903 macOS Continuum Software Development Kit (SDK)
904 macOS Control Center 4 (CC4)
905 macOS Converge Pro 2 Console
906 macOS Convey
907 macOS Cookiebro - Cookie Manager
908 macOS CopyStorm
909 macOS Corel AfterShot
910 macOS Corel Painter Essentials
911 macOS CorelDRAW
912 macOS CoreStrengths Platform
913 macOS Cortex Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
914 macOS C-Pen Core
915 macOS CrazyTalk
916 macOS Cricut Design Space
917 macOS Cross-OS
918 macOS Crowd
919 macOS Crowdstrike Falcon Sensor
920 macOS Crucial Conversations Facilitator Training Software Package
921 macOS Crucible
922 macOS CruiseControl
923 macOS csCoder
924 macOS C-Suite
925 macOS Cubase
926 macOS Cucumber
927 macOS CUPS
928 macOS Cura
929 macOS CURL (Colorado University Record Linkage)
930 macOS Curry Advanced Image Processing
931 macOS Curry Signal Processing
932 macOS Curry Source Analysis
933 macOS CustomTkinter
934 macOS Cutting Master 3
935 macOS Cutting Master 5
936 macOS CXone
937 macOS CyberCare Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
938 macOS Cypress
939 macOS Cytoscape
940 macOS DameWare Mini Remote Control (DMRC)
941 macOS Data Exchange Layer (DXL)
942 macOS Databricks Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver
943 macOS Datadog Agent
944 macOS DataDog Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Agent
945 macOS Datadog Cluster Agent
946 macOS Datadog Private Locations
947 macOS DataGrip
948 macOS DataRay Photo MedBand
949 macOS DaVinci Resolve
950 macOS DB Browser for SQLite
951 macOS DBD-Pg
952 macOS DBeaver Enterprise
953 macOS dbExpress
954 macOS DBsign Web Signer
955 macOS dbt Core
956 macOS DbUnit
957 macOS DbUp
958 macOS dcm4che
959 macOS Debug
960 macOS Dedoose
961 macOS Deep Freeze
962 macOS Deep Learning Toolbox
963 macOS DeepSpeech
964 macOS Dell EMC Unisphere Central
965 macOS Deltagraph
966 macOS DemandTools
967 macOS Dementia Rating Scale-2 (DRS-2)
968 macOS Dependency-Check
969 macOS Descript
970 macOS Desktop and Laptop Option
971 macOS Desktop Video
972 macOS Device42
973 macOS Dexcom Clarity
974 macOS Dexcom Web Uploader Agent
975 macOS DFDiscover
976 macOS DFexplore
977 macOS DFsend
978 macOS Dia Diagram Editor
979 macOS Diagnostics
980 macOS Diasend Uploader
981 macOS DicksonWare
982 macOS DicomCleaner
983 macOS Didapi
984 macOS Diffusion Toolkit
985 macOS Digital Art Zone (DAZ) Studio
986 macOS Digital Intern Software
987 macOS Digital Photo Professional
988 macOS Digital Secure Copy (DISCO)
989 macOS Digital Speech Standard (DSS) Player
990 macOS Agility
991 macOS DinoCapture 2.0
992 macOS DirectControl
993 macOS Disco Process Mining
994 macOS Discovery Attender
995 macOS Disketch
996 macOS DisplayLink
997 macOS DivX Codec
998 macOS Django Framework
999 macOS Docassemble
1000 macOS DocFX
1001 macOS Docker Compose (Community)
1002 macOS Docker Desktop Pro / Team / Business
1003 macOS Docker Engine (Community)
1004 macOS Docker Toolbox
1005 macOS Docmosis-Java
1006 macOS Document Capture Pro
1007 macOS Document Object Model for Java (dom4j)
1008 macOS Document Storage System (DSS) Consult Tracking Manager Plus (CTM+)
1009 macOS Document Storage Systems (DSS) Comprehensive Care Coordination (C3)
1010 macOS Document Storage Systems (DSS) VistA Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Suite
1011 macOS DocumentFormat.OpenXml (Extensible Markup Language)
1012 macOS DocuSign Java Client Software Development Kit (SDK)
1013 macOS DocuSign Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
1014 macOS DocuSign Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Chrome Extension
1015 macOS DocuSign Signature Appliance (SA) Client
1016 macOS DokuWiki
1017 macOS dominKnow Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
1018 macOS DoseWatch
1019 macOS dotUltimate
1020 macOS Dovecot
1021 macOS Doxia
1022 macOS Doxygen
1023 macOS Dragon Web Extension for Chrome
1024 macOS
1025 macOS Dremel DigiLab Three-Dimensional (3D) Slicer
1026 macOS Drools
1027 macOS Druid
1028 macOS Drupal
1029 macOS Druva inSync Client
1030 macOS DS Storage Manager
1031 macOS DSI Studio
1032 macOS DSS Consult Tracking Manager (CTM)
1033 macOS DSS CyberREN
1034 macOS DSS Integration Framework
1035 macOS DSS VistA Chemotherapy Manager (VCM) Order Status Fix It Tool
1036 macOS dtSearch
1037 macOS DTX Studio Implant
1038 macOS DuckCapture
1039 macOS Duet Display
1040 macOS Dumbster
1041 macOS Duplicate Check
1042 macOS Duxbury Braille Translator
1043 macOS DYMO Connect for Desktop
1044 macOS DYMO Label Software
1045 macOS Dynamic Web TWAIN (DWT)
1046 macOS Dynamo
1047 macOS Dyslexie Font
1048 macOS E2fsprogs
1049 macOS E4 Manager
1050 macOS Easy Document Creator
1051 macOS Easy Sketch Pro
1052 macOS eBeam Capture
1053 macOS Echo Desktop
1054 macOS EchoExtractor
1055 macOS Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
1056 macOS Eclipse Memory Analyzer
1057 macOS Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
1058 macOS Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP)
1059 macOS E-Control Systems
1060 macOS EcoStruxure IT Data Center Expert
1061 macOS eDrawings
1062 macOS eG Enterprise
1063 macOS Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Agent
1064 macOS Eggplant Functional
1065 macOS Eggplant Manager
1066 macOS Eggplant Performance Injector
1067 macOS Eggplant Runner
1068 macOS Eggplant Salesforce Solution
1069 macOS EGit
1070 macOS eHealthVitals
1071 macOS Ekahau AI Pro
1072 macOS Elasticsearch
1073 macOS Elasticsearch.js
1074 macOS ELecta Learning Management System (LMS)
1075 macOS Electroencephalogram Lab (EEGLAB)
1076 macOS Electron Reader
1077 macOS Electronic Information Extraction System (EIES)
1078 macOS Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Fiery Command Workstation
1079 macOS Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Fiery Compose
1080 macOS Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Fiery eXpress
1081 macOS Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Fiery Impose
1082 macOS Electronics for Imaging (EFI) Fiery Remote Scan
1083 macOS Electronics for Imaging (EFI) Fiery System Software for Digital Print Servers
1084 macOS Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Fiery XF
1085 macOS Electro-Optical System (EOS) Utility
1086 macOS Element Three Dimension (3D)
1087 macOS Elgato Stream Deck
1088 macOS Elitechlog Software
1089 macOS ELMO Interactive Toolbox 2
1090 macOS ElumTools
1091 macOS Embedded JavaScript Templating (EJS)
1092 macOS Ember.js
1093 macOS emBODY
1094 macOS Embrava Connect
1095 macOS EMC Data Domain Management Center (DDMC)
1096 macOS EMTrack
1097 macOS emWave
1098 macOS EnCase Endpoint Investigator
1099 macOS EndNote
1100 macOS EndNote Click
1101 macOS Endpoint Product Removal Tool (EPR)
1102 macOS Endpoint Security Client
1103 macOS Enercalc Structural Engineering Library (SEL)
1104 macOS EnergyPlus
1105 macOS Engine.IO
1106 macOS English Talking Dictionary
1107 macOS Enj
1108 macOS Eno Classic Software
1109 macOS Enscape3D
1110 macOS Ensemble
1111 macOS enteliWEB
1112 macOS Enterprise Archive Solution
1113 macOS Enterprise Connect
1114 macOS Enterprise Resource Planning Lab (ERPLAB)
1115 macOS Enterprise Security Application Programming Interface (ESAPI) for Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
1116 macOS Enterprise Web Developer (EWD).js
1117 macOS Enthought Canopy
1118 macOS Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM)
1119 macOS Envconsul
1120 macOS Enzyme
1121 macOS Epharmix
1122 macOS Epicure Digital Centra Menu System
1123 macOS EpiData
1124 macOS Epik
1125 macOS ePROHealth Platform
1126 macOS Epson Copy Utility
1127 macOS Epson Easy Interactive Tools
1128 macOS Epson Event Manager Software
1129 macOS Epson Fax Utility
1130 macOS Epson Photo+
1131 macOS Epson Print Layout
1132 macOS Epson ReadyInk Agent
1133 macOS Epson Scan 2
1134 macOS Epson ScanSmart
1135 macOS Epson Software Updater
1136 macOS EpsonNet Config
1137 macOS EQS Structural Equation Modeling Software
1138 macOS Erlang Open Telecom Platform (OTP)
1139 macOS Errorhandler
1140 macOS espanso
1141 macOS Esprima
1142 macOS Etherpad
1143 macOS Eureka
1144 macOS Evernote
1145 macOS Evolis Badge Studio
1146 macOS exacqVision Client
1147 macOS ExamShield
1148 macOS ExamSoft SofTest
1149 macOS Exchange Online PowerShell (EXO) V2 module
1150 macOS ExpanDrive Desktop
1151 macOS ExpanDrive Server
1152 macOS Express Burn
1153 macOS Express Dictate Digital Dictation Software
1154 macOS Express Scribe
1155 macOS ExtendSim
1156 macOS Extensible Markup Language (XML) Unit for Java
1157 macOS Eye-Pal Reader
1158 macOS F# Runtime
1159 macOS f.lux
1160 macOS f5 iRule Editor
1161 macOS Fabric
1162 macOS Facility Management Solutions
1163 macOS Factorial Mass Univariate Toolbox (FMUT)
1164 macOS fakeredis
1165 macOS Fast Application Programming Interface (FastAPI)
1166 macOS Fast Forward moving picture experts group (FFmpeg)
1167 macOS Fastlane
1168 macOS FastMember.Signed
1169 macOS FaxFinder Client
1170 macOS Fellow Oak (FO) Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)
1171 macOS Fiddler
1172 macOS FieldTrip Toolbox
1173 macOS Fiery Spot Pro
1174 macOS FileHelpers
1175 macOS associated with a locked category FileMaker Pro Advanced associated with a locked category
1176 macOS FileOpen Client Plug-In for Adobe Acrobat/Reader
1177 macOS FileTrail
1178 macOS FileZilla Client
1179 macOS Film Impact Transitions
1180 macOS Filmora
1181 macOS Final Cut Pro X
1182 macOS Final Draft
1183 macOS FinchTV
1184 macOS FindBugs
1185 macOS Findutils
1186 macOS Fire Studio
1187 macOS FireBreath
1188 macOS FireControl
1189 macOS FireflyPro Viewing Software
1190 macOS FishEye
1191 macOS Fitbit Application
1192 macOS Fitbit Connect
1193 macOS Fivestar - Drupal Module
1194 macOS Flask
1195 macOS Flex Slider - Drupal Module
1196 macOS FlexNet Publisher
1197 macOS Flip-Q
1198 macOS Flow Cytometry Standards (FCS) Express
1199 macOS FlowJo
1200 macOS FluentAssertions
1201 macOS FluentD
1202 macOS FluentValidation
1203 macOS Flux
1204 macOS Flyway
1205 macOS Flywheel
1206 macOS FME Desktop
1207 macOS FmPro Migrator
1208 macOS FMRIB Software Library (FSL)
1209 macOS fMRIPrep
1210 macOS Font Awesome
1211 macOS Foreign Keycloak Wrapper
1212 macOS Formlabs PreForm
1213 macOS Forms Experience Builder
1214 macOS FORUM
1215 macOS Foxit Portable Document Format (PDF) Editor
1216 macOS
1217 macOS FrameForge Storyboard Studio
1218 macOS Free Computer-Aided Design (FreeCAD)
1219 macOS Free Form Lens Design Software (LDS)
1220 macOS FreeFileSync
1221 macOS FreeFlow AccXes Client Tools (ACT)
1222 macOS FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Design Professional
1223 macOS Freeflow Variable Input (VI) eCompose
1224 macOS Freely Extensible Biomedical Record Linkage (FEBRL)
1225 macOS FreeMind
1226 macOS FreeStyle Auto-Assist
1227 macOS FreeStyle Libre
1228 macOS FreeSurfer
1229 macOS FreeSWITCH
1230 macOS FreeType
1231 macOS Freezerworks Sample Management Software
1232 macOS Frontier
1233 macOS F-Scale Signage Software
1234 macOS FUJIFILM Synapse Chrome Extension
1235 macOS Functional Connectivity Toolbox (CONN)
1236 macOS Fusion Pro Publishing
1237 macOS Fusion Server
1238 macOS FusionCharts
1239 macOS FusionReactor
1240 macOS Fuzzy Set/Qualitative Comparitive Analysis
1241 macOS FxFactory
1242 macOS G*Power.
1243 macOS Gangway
1244 macOS GanttProject
1245 macOS Garmin Express
1246 macOS Gatsby.js
1247 macOS GAUSS Platform
1248 macOS Gem for Microsoft OneNote
1249 macOS Gen3 client
1250 macOS Genasys Panic
1251 macOS Genasys Protect Alert
1252 macOS GENEActiv
1253 macOS Geneious
1254 macOS General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE) Developer
1255 macOS GeneSpring Gene Expression (GX)
1256 macOS Genetec Video Player (GVP)
1257 macOS Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK)
1258 macOS GenomeBrowse
1259 macOS Genomic Data Commons (GDC) Data Transfer Tool
1260 macOS GeoDa
1261 macOS GeoIPUpdate
1262 macOS GeoServer
1263 macOS Gerrit
1264 macOS gettext
1265 macOS Getting Things Done (GTD) Training
1266 macOS GGobi Data Visualization System
1267 macOS Ghost Content Management System (CMS)
1268 macOS Ghotit Real Writer and Reader
1269 macOS Ginger Software
1270 macOS Git
1271 macOS Git Extensions
1272 macOS GitHub Actions Runner
1273 macOS GitHub Command Line Interface (CLI)
1274 macOS GitHub Desktop
1275 macOS GitHub Desktop (Classic)
1276 macOS GitHub-Base
1277 macOS GitKraken
1278 macOS GlassFish
1279 macOS GLEANApp - Goals, Operators, Methods, and Selection Rules (GOMS) Language Evaluation and Analysis (GLEAN)
1280 macOS Global Telehealth Services (GTS) VirtualHealth
1281 macOS Global Unique Identifier Tool (GUID)
1282 macOS GlobalProtect Agent
1283 macOS Globus Toolkit
1284 macOS GlucoFacts Deluxe
1285 macOS GNU Awk (Gawk)
1286 macOS GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
1287 macOS GNU Diffutils
1288 macOS GNU Emacs
1289 macOS GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
1290 macOS GNU M4
1291 macOS GNU Make
1292 macOS GNU MultiPrecision Library (GMP)
1293 macOS GNU nano
1294 macOS GNU Octave
1295 macOS GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)
1296 macOS GNU Stream Editor (sed)
1297 macOS gnuplot
1298 macOS Go Programming Language
1299 macOS GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT)
1300 macOS Golden Records
1301 macOS Goniometer Google Chrome Extension
1302 macOS Google Analytics
1303 macOS Google Earth
1304 macOS Google GSON
1305 macOS Google Maps API
1306 macOS Google Puppeteer
1307 macOS Google Web Designer (GWD)
1308 macOS Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
1309 macOS GoToWebinar
1310 macOS Gradle
1311 macOS Grafana
1312 macOS Grails
1313 macOS Grammarly for Microsoft (MS) Office
1314 macOS Graph Database (GraphDB)
1315 macOS GraphicsMagick
1316 macOS Graphisoft ArchiCAD (Computer Aided Design)
1317 macOS Graphite
1318 macOS GraphPad Prism
1319 macOS Graphtec Studio (GS)
1320 macOS Graphviz
1321 macOS Green Screen Wizard Software
1322 macOS Green`s Test Platform (GTP)
1323 macOS Greenshot
1324 macOS Gretl (GNU Regression, Econometrics, and Time-series Library)
1325 macOS Grunt
1326 macOS Grunt-Nodemon
1327 macOS Gsutil
1328 macOS GTK+
1329 macOS Guardian by Tecniplast
1330 macOS Gulp
1331 macOS Gulp-Mocha
1332 macOS Gulp-Mocha-PhantomJS
1333 macOS Gulp-Nodemon
1334 macOS Gulp-Webserver
1335 macOS Hamcrest
1336 macOS HandBrake - Open source video transcoder
1337 macOS Handlebars
1338 macOS HarePoint Workflow Scheduler
1339 macOS Hasura Graph Query Language (GraphQL)
1340 macOS Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG)
1341 macOS HCL BigFix
1342 macOS HCL Connections
1343 macOS Healenium
1344 macOS Health Buddy Desktop
1345 macOS Health Enterprise Resource And Care Learning Exploration System (HERACLES)
1346 macOS Health Entity Relationship and Metadata Exploration System (HERMES)
1347 macOS Health Level 7 (HL7) Application Programming Interface (API) (HAPI)- Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR)
1348 macOS Health Level Seven (HL7) Application Programming Interface (HAPI)
1349 macOS HealthMain
1350 macOS Healthmark Scope Viewer
1351 macOS HealthShare
1352 macOS Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis Software
1353 macOS Helicon Focus
1354 macOS Helm
1355 macOS Heroku Command Line Interface (CLI)
1356 macOS Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Internet Protocol (IP) Console Viewer
1357 macOS Hewlett-Packard (HP) Photo Creations
1358 macOS Hex-Rays Decompiler
1359 macOS Hex-Rays Interactive Disassembler (IDA)
1360 macOS Hibernate Commons Annotations
1361 macOS Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping (ORM)
1362 macOS Hibernate Tools
1363 macOS Highcharts
1364 macOS Highstock
1365 macOS HI-IQ Interventional Radiology Information System (IRIS)
1366 macOS Hilo Digital-to-Analog Conversion (DAC) Driver
1367 macOS Hiperwall
1368 macOS HistoView
1369 macOS Hitachi Data Protection Suite
1370 macOS HOBOware
1371 macOS Home Therapy System (HTS) iNet
1372 macOS Hooker
1373 macOS Horos
1374 macOS Hot Potatoes
1375 macOS HoverCam Flex
1376 macOS HTSlib
1377 macOS Hudson Continuous Integration (CI)
1378 macOS HUGIN Explorer
1379 macOS Hunchly
1380 macOS Hygieia
1381 macOS Hyperledger Aries
1382 macOS Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Reporter for Jasmine2 and Protractor
1383 macOS Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)-to-Text
1384 macOS Hypertext Markup Language 5 (H5P) Plugin for Moodle
1385 macOS Hystrix
1386 macOS IBM Installation Manager
1387 macOS iBright Analysis Software Desktop
1388 macOS iCal4j
1389 macOS iClicker
1390 macOS iCloud
1391 macOS iExplorer
1392 macOS Ignition Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
1393 macOS Igor Pro
1394 macOS Iguana
1395 macOS ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio
1396 macOS iLok License Manager
1397 macOS Image Lab Software
1398 macOS Image Mate
1399 macOS Image Processing Toolbox
1400 macOS Image Studio
1401 macOS Image Studio Lite
1402 macOS ImageGear Software Development Kit (SDK)
1403 macOS ImageJ
1404 macOS ImageMagick
1405 macOS imagePROGRAF Media Configuration Tool
1406 macOS imagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Office
1407 macOS ImageQuant TL
1408 macOS Imagex
1409 macOS Imaris
1410 macOS iMedConsent
1411 macOS Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE)
1412 macOS iMonnit Enterprise
1413 macOS ImportExcel PowerShell Module
1414 macOS Imputation and Variance Estimation Software (IVEware)
1415 macOS in5
1416 macOS Incanto
1417 macOS Infinity Analyze
1418 macOS Infinity Capture
1419 macOS Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) Multidomain
1420 macOS Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2)
1421 macOS Information Technology Management Center (ITMC) Discovery
1422 macOS INI Viewer/Editor
1423 macOS Inkscape
1424 macOS Innovations
1425 macOS InqScribe
1426 macOS Inquisit Lab
1427 macOS Inquisit Web
1428 macOS Inspirstar Profile Editor
1429 macOS inSSIDer
1430 macOS Insta360 Air Webcam Application
1431 macOS Insta360 Link Controller
1432 macOS Instadose Reader
1433 macOS Install4j
1434 macOS InstallAnywhere
1435 macOS Integrated Research Information System (iRIS)
1436 macOS InteleGRID Transfer Agent
1437 macOS InteleViewer
1438 macOS IntelliJ IDEA
1439 macOS IntelliSpace Radiology
1440 macOS Interactive Metronome (IM) Pro Universe
1441 macOS InterGuard
1442 macOS InterMapper
1443 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) Aspera High-Speed Transfer Endpoint
1444 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) Daeja ViewONE Virtual
1445 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) Equal Access Accessibility Checker
1446 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Server
1447 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) Partner Engagement Manager (PEM)
1448 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) Security Verify Access Management
1449 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) Semeru Runtime
1450 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) Spectrum Load Sharing Facility (LSF)
1451 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) TRIRIGA
1452 macOS International Business Machines (IBM) UrbanCode Deploy
1453 macOS Internet Testing Systems (ITS) Secure Browser
1454 macOS Intrigma
1455 macOS Intuitive Reliable Interoperative Scalable (IRIS) for Health
1456 macOS Invistics Drug Diversion Detection (Flowlytics)
1457 macOS IO Ping
1458 macOS Ionic
1459 macOS ioredis
1460 macOS iOS Software Development Kit (SDK)
1461 macOS IOzone
1462 macOS iperf
1463 macOS IPV Curator
1464 macOS IPython
1465 macOS iReport Designer
1466 macOS iRise Reader
1467 macOS IRISNotes Air 3
1468 macOS IronPython
1469 macOS iRound for Patient Experience
1470 macOS ISEC7 EMM Suite
1471 macOS isee Player
1472 macOS Isilon Insight IQ
1473 macOS iStat Menus
1474 macOS Istio
1475 macOS ITK-SNAP
1476 macOS IVMS-4200 Client
1477 macOS iZotope Dialogue Match
1478 macOS iZotope Insight
1479 macOS iZotope Nectar
1480 macOS iZotope Neutron
1481 macOS iZotope Relay
1482 macOS iZotope RX
1483 macOS iZotope Stratus Three Dimensional (3D)
1484 macOS iZotope Symphony Three Dimensional (3D)
1485 macOS iZotope Tonal Balance Control
1486 macOS Jabra Direct
1487 macOS JabRef
1488 macOS Jaeger
1489 macOS Jagacy 3270
1490 macOS Jaguar
1491 macOS Jamf Pro
1492 macOS Jamovi
1493 macOS Jasmine
1494 macOS JasperReports Library
1495 macOS JasperReports Server
1496 macOS Jaspersoft Studio
1497 macOS Java Application Verification Kit (AVK)
1498 macOS Java Business Process Management (jBPM)
1499 macOS Java Common Internet File System (JCIFS)-ng
1500 macOS Java Common Internet File System Client Library (JCIFS)
1501 macOS associated with a locked category Java Database (Java DB) associated with a locked category
1502 macOS Java Decompiler (JD)
1503 macOS Java Development Kit (JDK) Mission Control
1504 macOS Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
1505 macOS Java Enterprise Edition SDK (Software Development Kit)
1506 macOS Java Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Sanitizer
1507 macOS Java JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Web Token (JWT)
1508 macOS Java Open Single Sign-On (JOSSO)
1509 macOS Java Quick Network (jNQ) Server Message Block (SMB) Client
1510 macOS Java Runtime Environment (JRE) - Oracle
1511 macOS Java Service Wrapper
1512 macOS Java3D
1513 macOS JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF)
1514 macOS JavaScript (JS) Beautifier
1515 macOS JavaScript Document Object Model (JSDOM)
1516 macOS JavaScript Extensible Markup Language Object Notation (JXON) Framework
1517 macOS JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in Java
1518 macOS JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Sanitizer
1519 macOS JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).NET
1520 macOS JavaScript Yet Another Markup Language (js-yaml)
1521 macOS JaxME
1522 macOS JBoss Java Transaction Application Programming Interface (JTA)
1523 macOS JDK - Oracle Java Standard Edition (SE) Development Kit
1524 macOS jEdit
1525 macOS Jeffrey`s Amazing Statistics Program (JASP)
1526 macOS Jekyll
1527 macOS Jenkins Continuous Integration Server
1528 macOS Jenkins Plugin
1529 macOS Jersey
1530 macOS JetBrains Annotations
1531 macOS Jetty
1532 macOS JFreeChart
1533 macOS Jira Align
1534 macOS JIRA Service Management
1535 macOS Jive-n
1536 macOS jmespath.js
1537 macOS jMock
1538 macOS JMP Software
1539 macOS Job Access With Speech (JAWS) Inspect
1540 macOS Joda Time
1541 macOS Jolokia
1542 macOS Jongo
1543 macOS Joulescope User Interface (UI)
1544 macOS JPEG 2000 Software Development Kit (SDK)
1545 macOS JProbe
1546 macOS JProfiler
1547 macOS jq
1548 macOS JRebel
1549 macOS JRobin
1550 macOS JRun
1551 macOS Jscape Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server
1552 macOS JsDiff
1553 macOS JSHint
1554 macOS JSON2HTML
1555 macOS Judi by AG Mednet
1556 macOS Juice UI (User Interface)
1557 macOS Juicer
1558 macOS Julia Programming Language
1559 macOS JuliaPro
1560 macOS JumpMind SymmetricDS
1561 macOS JUnit
1562 macOS JUnit Viewer
1563 macOS Jupyter Notebook
1564 macOS JupyterLab
1565 macOS Just Another Gibbs Sampler (JAGS)
1566 macOS Justinmind Prototyper
1567 macOS Jython
1568 macOS Kahua
1569 macOS KaleidaGraph
1570 macOS Kaltura Video Package
1571 macOS Karma
1572 macOS Karma Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Reporter
1573 macOS Karma-Chrome-Launcher
1574 macOS Karma-Firefox-Launcher
1575 macOS Karma-Jasmine
1576 macOS Karma-PhantomJS-Launcher
1577 macOS Karma-Safari-Launcher
1578 macOS Karpenter
1579 macOS Katalon Studio
1580 macOS KBMMemTable
1581 macOS KDiff3
1582 macOS Keka
1583 macOS Kendo User Interface (UI)
1584 macOS Kensington DockWorks
1585 macOS Keras
1586 macOS Keynote
1587 macOS Keysight Cyperf
1588 macOS Kibana
1589 macOS Kindle
1590 macOS Kitematic
1591 macOS Kleen Edge Curtain Protocol
1592 macOS Knowledge Author
1593 macOS Knowledge Based_Structured Query Language (KB_SQL)
1594 macOS Koa
1595 macOS Kofax Power PDF
1596 macOS Komodo Edit
1597 macOS Kong Gateway
1598 macOS Konga
1599 macOS Konstanz Information Miner (KNIME) Analytics Platform
1600 macOS Konstanz Information Miner (KNIME) Extensions
1601 macOS Korbyt Anywhere
1602 macOS Kotlin
1603 macOS Kuando Busylight
1604 macOS KuandoHub
1605 macOS Kube No Trouble
1606 macOS KubeMonkey
1607 macOS Kubernetes Command-Line Tool (kubectl)
1608 macOS Kubios Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
1609 macOS Kurzweil 3000
1610 macOS KWizCom Forms
1611 macOS KWizCom List Filter Plus Web Part
1612 macOS KWizCom Workflow Activity Toolkit
1613 macOS LabChart
1614 macOS LABTrack Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)
1615 macOS LabVIEW Professional Development System
1616 macOS LabVIEW Run-Time Engine (RTE)
1617 macOS LAME
1618 macOS Lamport TeX (LaTeX)
1619 macOS Lancet
1620 macOS Language Line
1621 macOS LanSchool
1622 macOS Laravel
1623 macOS Lasergene Molecular Biology
1624 macOS LaunchDarkly - Relay Proxy
1625 macOS LaunchDarkly Server SDK for Node JavaScript (.js)
1626 macOS Lavaan
1627 macOS LEADTOOLS Recognition Software Development Kit (SDK) Technology
1628 macOS LearningSpace
1629 macOS Lexis for Microsoft Office
1630 macOS LG Ultrawide Monitor LG-29UC88-B Screen Partition Software and Drivers
1631 macOS LibKey Nomad
1632 macOS libpng
1633 macOS Libraries Application Programming Interface (API) - Drupal Module
1634 macOS Library and Tape Tools (L&TT)
1635 macOS LibreOffice
1636 macOS LibTIFF
1637 macOS Libxml2
1638 macOS Life Safety Inspector
1639 macOS Liferay JasperReports
1640 macOS Liferay Portal
1641 macOS Liferay Reports
1642 macOS LinFu Framework
1643 macOS Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)
1644 macOS Link Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - Drupal Module
1645 macOS LinkChecker
1646 macOS Linx
1647 macOS Liquibase
1648 macOS ListBooster
1650 macOS LiveCode
1651 macOS LiveNX
1652 macOS LiveScribe+ Desktop
1653 macOS Living Image Software
1654 macOS Living Systems Process Suite (LSPS)
1655 macOS Local Access Network rev (LANrev)
1656 macOS Locust
1657 macOS Log4j
1658 macOS Log4js
1659 macOS LOG4NET
1660 macOS Logback
1661 macOS Logi Options+
1662 macOS Logi Tune
1663 macOS LogicManager Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
1664 macOS Logitech Gaming (G) HUB
1665 macOS Logitech Gaming Software
1666 macOS Logitech Options
1667 macOS Logitech RightSight
1668 macOS Logitech Sync
1669 macOS Logitech Unifying Software
1670 macOS Logitech Webcam Software
1671 macOS Logos
1672 macOS Logspout
1673 macOS LogTag Analyzer
1674 macOS Loupe Browser
1675 macOS Loupe Variable, Diversity, and Joining (V(D)J) Browser
1676 macOS Lua
1677 macOS Lucee
1678 macOS Lucidworks Fusion
1679 macOS LynxClient
1680 macOS LyX
1681 macOS macFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace)
1682 macOS Mach7 eUnity Enterprise Viewer
1683 macOS Machine Learning (ML) flow
1684 macOS Machine Learning (ML).NET
1685 macOS Macro Recorder
1686 macOS MacroModel
1687 macOS MagicInfo Express
1688 macOS MagniLink PCViewer
1689 macOS MakerBot Print
1690 macOS Mamba
1691 macOS ManagerPlus Desktop
1692 macOS Mango
1693 macOS Mapping Applications for Response, Planning, and Local Operational Tasks (MARPLOT)
1694 macOS MarcEdit
1695 macOS Mass Univariate Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERP) Toolbox
1696 macOS Mathematica
1697 macOS MathType
1698 macOS MATLAB
1699 macOS MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR)
1700 macOS Matrox PowerDesk
1701 macOS Maven
1702 macOS Maven Integration for Eclipse (M2Eclipse)
1703 macOS Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
1704 macOS Maximo Anywhere
1705 macOS MAXQDA (Qualitative Data Analysis)
1706 macOS Maya
1707 macOS McAfee VirusScan Enterprise
1708 macOS MEASUR
1709 macOS MedEx-Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA)
1710 macOS Media Converter
1711 macOS MediaCentral | Cloud UX
1712 macOS MediaWiki
1713 macOS MediaWiki Extension Replace Text
1714 macOS MediaWiki Extension: Auth_Remoteuser
1715 macOS MediaWiki Extension: BreadCrumbs2
1716 macOS MediaWiki Extension: Google Analytics Integration
1717 macOS MediaWiki Extension: Header Tabs
1718 macOS MediaWiki Extension: RecentPages
1719 macOS MediaWiki Extension: Rich Site Summary (RSS)
1720 macOS MediaWiki Extension: TreeAndMenu
1721 macOS MediaWiki Extension: VisualEditor
1722 macOS Mediawiki Extension:CategoryTree
1723 macOS MediaWiki Extension:JSBreadCrumbs
1724 macOS Mediawiki Extension:MultiBoilerplate
1725 macOS MediaWiki Extension:WikiArticleFeeds
1726 macOS Medical Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization (MIPAV)
1727 macOS Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP)
1728 macOS Medical Open Network for Artificial Intelligence (MONAI) Core
1729 macOS Medicity Connect
1730 macOS MedTime
1731 macOS MedView Continuing Education (CE)
1732 macOS Meeting Owl App
1733 macOS Meilisearch
1734 macOS Memory Complaints Inventory (MCI)
1735 macOS Mendeley
1736 macOS Mendeley Cite
1737 macOS Mendeley Reference Manager
1738 macOS mesh2surface
1739 macOS MeshLab
1740 macOS MeshMixer
1741 macOS MestReNova (Mnova)
1742 macOS Meta Integration Model Bridge (MIMB)
1743 macOS Metabase
1744 macOS Metabolic
1745 macOS MetaMap
1746 macOS MetaMap Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) Annotator
1747 macOS Metasys Launcher
1748 macOS Metasys System Configuration Tool (SCT)
1749 macOS Metazoa Player
1750 macOS Metazoa Snapshot Change and Release Management for Salesforce
1751 macOS Meyers Neuropsychological Battery (MNB)
1752 macOS MG-SOFT Management Information Base (MIB) Browser
1753 macOS Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Agent
1754 macOS MicroDICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Viewer
1755 macOS Microsoft .NET
1756 macOS Microsoft .NET Framework
1757 macOS Microsoft AzCopy
1758 macOS Microsoft Azure Command Line Interface (CLI)
1759 macOS Microsoft Azure Cosmos Database Node.js Software Development Kit (SDK)
1760 macOS Microsoft Azure PowerShell
1761 macOS Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer
1762 macOS Microsoft Azure Tools for Visual Studio Code (VS Code)
1763 macOS Microsoft Bot Framework Composer
1764 macOS Microsoft Edge WebDriver
1765 macOS Microsoft Edge.
1766 macOS Microsoft Entity Framework (EF)
1767 macOS Microsoft Excel
1768 macOS Microsoft FindTime
1769 macOS Microsoft Graph
1770 macOS Microsoft Graph Powershell Software Development Kit (SDK)
1771 macOS Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
1772 macOS Microsoft OneDrive
1773 macOS Microsoft OneNote
1774 macOS Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver for SQL Server
1775 macOS Microsoft Outlook
1776 macOS Microsoft Playwright
1777 macOS Microsoft Power Platform Command Line Interface
1778 macOS Microsoft PowerPoint
1779 macOS Microsoft Project Add-In
1780 macOS Microsoft R Open
1781 macOS Microsoft Remote Desktop client for macOS
1782 macOS Microsoft Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Edge Addon-on
1783 macOS Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) Server Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Driver
1784 macOS Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
1785 macOS Microsoft Teams
1786 macOS Microsoft Visual Studio
1787 macOS Microsoft Viva Insights
1788 macOS Microsoft Word
1789 macOS Midas Platform
1790 macOS MikTex
1791 macOS MIM Encore
1792 macOS MIM Maestro
1793 macOS MIM SurePlan MRT
1794 macOS MIM Symphony Dx
1795 macOS MIMviewer
1796 macOS Mindjet MindManager
1797 macOS MindView
1798 macOS Miniconda
1799 macOS Miniforge
1800 macOS Minitab License Manager
1801 macOS Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)-2 Adult Interpretive System (AIS)
1802 macOS Mirah
1803 macOS MirrorOp
1804 macOS Mirth Connect
1805 macOS Mitel Connect
1806 macOS MLwiN
1807 macOS MobileFirst Platform Server
1808 macOS Mocha Logger
1809 macOS Mocha-JUnit-Reporter
1810 macOS Mocha-PhantomJS
1811 macOS Mockito
1812 macOS ModelTalker
1813 macOS Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle)
1814 macOS Modus Trex StepWatch
1815 macOS Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA)
1816 macOS Momentum Scheduler
1817 macOS Mongo Database (MongoDB) .Net/C# Driver
1818 macOS Mongo Database (MongoDB) Node.js Driver
1819 macOS Mongo Database (MongoDB) Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver
1820 macOS MongoDB (Database) Connector for Business Intelligence (BI)
1821 macOS MongoDB Compass
1822 macOS MongoDB Enterprise Advanced
1823 macOS Mongoose
1824 macOS Mono
1825 macOS Motion Design 2
1826 macOS Motion Software
1827 macOS MotionTools
1828 macOS MotionWare Software
1829 macOS Mouse Manager
1830 macOS MouseOx Plus
1831 macOS Movavi Video Editor
1832 macOS MP Navigator Ex
1833 macOS MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
1834 macOS Mplus
1835 macOS MRIcroGL
1836 macOS MRIcron
1837 macOS Mule Runtime
1838 macOS multicorn
1839 macOS Multiline Client (MLC)
1840 macOS Multi-Schema Extensible Markup Language (XML) Validator (MSV)
1841 macOS M-Unit
1842 macOS MuseScore
1843 macOS MusicGlove
1844 macOS Mustache
1845 macOS MVFLEX Expression Language (MVEL)
1846 macOS My Image Garden
1847 macOS associated with a locked category My Structured Query Language (MySQL) Database - Commercial Editions associated with a locked category
1848 macOS associated with a locked category My Structured Query Language (MySQL) Database - Community Editions associated with a locked category
1849 macOS MyAvatar
1850 macOS MyEclipse
1851 macOS MySQL Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver
1852 macOS MySQL Workbench
1853 macOS MyViewBoard Whiteboard
1854 macOS Nagios Core
1855 macOS Nagstamon
1856 macOS National Cancer Institute dosimetry system for Computed Tomography (NCICT)
1857 macOS National Cancer Institute dosimetry system for Nuclear Medicine (NCINM)
1858 macOS National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) Annotator
1859 macOS Natural
1860 macOS Natural Language Processing (NLP) Lab
1861 macOS NaturalReader
1862 macOS Navicat for Structured Query Language (SQL) Server
1863 macOS NCapture
1864 macOS NCurses Disk Usage (ncdu)
1865 macOS NDI Tools (Windows)
1866 macOS NeatDesk Scanner Software
1867 macOS NEC SV9500 PCPro
1868 macOS NEC Virtual Wallboard
1869 macOS NekoHTML
1870 macOS Neo4j Bloom
1871 macOS Neo4j Graph Data Science (GDS)
1872 macOS Nerve
1873 macOS Nerve Integrity Monitor (NIMs)
1874 macOS Net - Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
1875 macOS Net Page Unlimited
1876 macOS NetApp OnCommand Insight
1877 macOS NetBeans
1878 macOS Netica
1879 macOS NetLearning
1880 macOS NetLogo
1881 macOS Netskope Client
1882 macOS NetSpot
1883 macOS NetSupport Manager
1884 macOS NetVR
1885 macOS Network Canvas - Architect
1886 macOS Network Canvas - Interviewer
1887 macOS Network Canvas - Server
1888 macOS Network Executive (NetEx) Software for Bull General Comprehensive Operating System (GCOS) 8
1889 macOS Network Inventory Advisor
1890 macOS Network Time Protocol
1891 macOS NetWorker
1892 macOS NeuLog Software
1893 macOS Neurolucida Explorer
1894 macOS NewBlueFX Cartoonr Plus
1895 macOS NewBlueFx Elements 3 Alpha Blend
1896 macOS NewBlueFx Elements 3 Chroma Key Pro
1897 macOS NewBlueFx Elements 3 Energize
1898 macOS NewBlueFx Elements 3 Overlay
1899 macOS NewBlueFx Essentials 5 Stabilizer
1900 macOS NewBlueFx Essentials 5 Volume 1
1901 macOS NewBlueFx Essentials 5 Volume 2
1902 macOS NewBlueFx Essentials 5 Volume 3
1903 macOS NewBlueFx Filters 5 Color Fast 2
1904 macOS NewBlueFx Filters 5 Recolor
1905 macOS NewBlueFx Filters 5 Recreate
1906 macOS NewBlueFX Filters 5 Refocus
1907 macOS NewBlueFx Stylizers 5 Excite
1908 macOS NewBlueFx Stylizers 5 Illuminate
1909 macOS NewBlueFx Stylizers 5 Imagine
1910 macOS NewBlueFX Titler Pro 7
1911 macOS NewBlueFX Transitions 5 Dimensions
1912 macOS NewBlueFX Transitions 5 Flow
1913 macOS NewBlueFX Transitions 5 Glow
1914 macOS NewBlueFX Transitions 5 Inspire
1915 macOS Newman