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At VA’s Office of Information & Technology (OI&T), our four core principles lay the foundation of our culture: transparency, accountability, innovation, and teamwork. The way we express these principles through design creates a positive, memorable impression of our brand—a world-class IT organization that keeps the Veteran at the core of all we do.


To collaborate with our business partners to create the best experience for all Veterans.


To become a world-class organization that provides a seamless, unified Veteran experience through the delivery of state-of-the-art technology.


screen capture of the colors palette

This design guide documents OI&T design standards to ensure we are communicating our story cohesively and consistently. The OI&T design guide provides standards for the use of logos, color, typography, icons, and images in print and online. This resource is a living document, so please check back often for updates.


screen capture of the powerpint template

To better represent our contribution to the VA mission and values, we are rolling out a refreshed look and feel for all communications materials.

For feedback and questions related to this design guide, please send an email to