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To align the Office of Information and Technology (OIT) brand with United States Web Design System for Federal Government, we have adopted a new color palette. The new palette is “flexible, yet distinctly American and designed to communicate warmth and trustworthiness while meeting the highest standards of 508 color contrast requirements.” When utilized consistently, the palette provides a cohesive look and feel across all OIT materials. This section provides guidance on which colors may be used to represent OIT.

Accessibility: Color cannot be the only way to express important concepts and to convey meaning. A large percent of the population experiences some form of vision impairment, including color blindness, so the textual content must be the primary mechanism. Additionally, color contrast (difference between the background and the foreground) must meet WCAG 2 AA requirements at a minimum. Level AA requires a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large text. Large text is defined as 14 point (typically 18.66px) and bold or larger, or 18 point (typically 24px) or larger. To test the Primary, Secondary, and Division colors, check out the Color Palette Accessibility Checker from North Carolina State University. Additional accessibility guidance.

Primary Colors

In accordance with USDS standards, OIT may be represented by four primary colors. The primary blue, commonly associated with trust, confidence, and sincerity, should be used as the predominant color.

Primary Blue (OIT Blue) HEX: #205493 RGB: 32,84,147 CMYK: 95,74,14,2
Dark Gray HEX: #323a45 RGB: 50,58,69 CMYK: 78,67,52,46
Black HEX: #212121 RGB: 33,33,33 CMYK: 72,66,65,73
Gray HEX: #aeb0b5 RGB: 174,176,181 CMYK: 33,26,23,0
White HEX: #ffffff RGB: 255,255,255 CMYK: 0,0,0,0

Secondary Colors

These are accents created to complement the primary colors, while providing additional versatility to the OIT brand. They should be used in moderation to call attention to important features or information.

Dark Blue (VA Blue) HEX: #112e51 RGB: 17,46,81 CMYK: 100,84,41,37
Bright Blue HEX: #02bfe7 RGB: 2,191,231 CMYK: 69,1,5,0
Purple HEX: #4c2c92 RGB: 76,44,146 CMYK: 87,99,1,0
Gold HEX: #fdb81e RGB: 253,184,30 CMYK: 0,31,98,0
Red HEX: #981b1e RGB: 152,27,30 CMYK: 26,99,99,24
Green HEX: #2e8540 RGB: 46,133,64 CMYK: 83,25,100,10

Division Colors

Within the OIT brand templates as defined in this design guide, OIT divisions are permitted to sub-brand their materials. Each division has been assigned a primary color for this purpose to be paired with the primary OIT blue.

Account Management Office (AMO) HEX: #fdb71c RGB: 253,183,28 CMYK: 0,31,98,0
DevSecOps HEX: #168092 RGB: 22,148,146 CMYK: 84,36,36,4
Enterprise Program Management Office HEX: #00a6d2 RGB: 0,166,210 CMYK: 75,16,8,0
IT Operations and Services (ITOPS)HEX: #112e51 RGB: 17,46,81 CMYK: 100,84,41,37
IT Resource Management (ITRM) HEX: #e65722 RGB: 230,87,34 CMYK: 5,80,100,0
Office of Information Security (OIS) HEX: #323a45 RGB: 50,58,69 CMYK: 78,67,52,46
Quality, Performance, and Risk (QPR) HEX: #981b1e RGB: 152,27,30 CMYK: 26,99,99,24
Office of Strategic Sourcing (OSS) HEX: #4c2c92 RGB: 76,44,146 CMYK: 87,99,1,0

Tertiary Colors

Medium Blue HEX: #4773aa RGB: 71,115,170 CMYK: 78,53,11,1
Medium Bright Blue HEX: #9bdaf1 RGB: 155,218,241 CMYK: 36,0,2,0
Medium Gray HEX: #d6d7d9 RGB: 214,215,217 CMYK: 15,11,10,0
Medium Gold HEX: #f9c642 RGB: 249,198,66 CMYK: 2,22,85,0
Medium Red HEX: #e59393 RGB: 229,147,147 CMYK: 7,50,31,0
Medium Green HEX: #4aa564 RGB: 74,165,100 CMYK: 73,12,80,1

Accent Colors

Light Blue HEX: #dce4ef RGB: 220,228,239 CMYK: 12,6,2,0
Light Bright Blue HEX: #e1f3f8 RGB: 225,243,248 CMYK: 10,0,2,0
Light Gray HEX: #f1f1f1 RGB: 241,241,241 CMYK: 4,3,3,0
Light Gold HEX: #fff1d2 RGB: 255,241,210 CMYK: 0,4,19,0
Light Red HEX: #f9dede RGB: 249,222,222 CMYK: 1,14,7,0
Light Green HEX: #e7f4e4 RGB: 231,244,228 CMYK: 9,0,11,0
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