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The materials on this site are being phased out. For all new work, please refer to the OIT Brand System.

Template Tips

The files included in the design guide were developed with ease of use and accessibility in mind. The following tips will help you with any of the nuances associated with the various templates.

Removing Watermarks


PowerPoint does not have a watermark capability like Word so images have been used to add both the “Draft” and “For Internal Use Only” text.

To remove “DRAFT” from a PowerPoint template:

  1. Navigate to the “View” tab in the Command Bar Ribbon and select “Slide Master.” Make sure you are viewing the top most master slide.
  2. Navigate to “Home” in the Command Bar Ribbon, select the “Select” option within the editing group on the far right, and then choose “Selection Pane.” The Selection Pane will appear on the right-hand side of the presentation.
  3. Select the object labeled “DRAFT” and hide it by clicking the “eye” icon or delete it by hitting the delete key.

Animation showing the process of removing the “DRAFT” watermark. This is a continuous loop demonstrating the instructions above. There is no sound.

Official VA seal