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The materials on this site are being phased out. For all new work, please refer to the OIT Brand System.

Signature Logos

The signature logos below are to be used for all official communication and are incorporated into the various templates. Signature logos are limited to OIT and division level. Sub-divisions and offices are not authorized to create their own or modify these in any way. Source files are available to staff and ITSC contractors upon request. All organization should use the OIT signature logo until service level signature logos are approved and published.

Neither VA nor OIT allow for the creation of sub-organizational branding — organizational icons or logos — for use outside of a localized team. Any electronic or print media (documents, email, presentations, etc.) intended for a broad audience — across OIT services, all OIT, or all VA — must use OIT and VA approved logos only.

Office of Information and Technology

Official VA seal