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Building Trust and Digital Products with Veterans, for Veterans

How Workforce Transformation Enhances Service Delivery to VA’s Top Customers – Veterans

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  • Building Buy-In: Applying tools, tech, and processes to ensure your team is up to the challenge

    Panel Discussion - Virtual Event

    Event Overview

    We have explored multi-channel engagement and communication from the citizencentric perspective, but how are public leaders implementing these processes and technologies into everyday operations within the government? This panel will discuss:

    • How to build the necessary buy-in internally to make the shift from ‘traditional’ communication to a multi-channel approach
    • Some of the technology, tools and platforms needed to implement a multi-channel strategy
    • The importance of building an internal culture dedicated to these initiatives
    • Building the right team to maximize your engagement and communications strategy
    • Leveraging soft skills and emotional intelligence to meet people ‘where they live’ — both internally and externally

  • The Role of Technology in the Future of Work

    Panel Discussion - Virtual Event

    Event Overview

    Our two-day flagship summit will virtually feature some of the most influential leaders and decision-makers from the public-sector IT community and will discuss ongoing efforts in federal IT modernization, the latest in the move to the cloud and what is in store with emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence.

  • FedScoop 2021 FedFWD: Roadmap to Digital Transformation

    Panel Discussion - Virtual Event

    Event Overview

    As the federal government embarks on a journey to embrace emerging technologies like Cloud, AI and 5G, agencies will find success and speed in taking a platform approach to their IT investments. From data and analytics to security and enterprise infrastructure, a platform approach can provide a turnkey environment for the art of the possible in an agency’s journey to digital transformation.

    Join top leaders and decision-makers from government and industry at the Cisco Federal FWD Summit as we discuss the power of modern platforms, the federal government’s unprecedented push to adopt cutting edge technologies, and how this all enables agencies to extract new value from their data and succeed in their missions anywhere across the globe.

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