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How VEText Got a Glow Up

Among the wide array of mobile applications and other digital on-demand tools that have emerged from Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Information and Technology in recent years, VEText now stands apart.

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On the Calendar

  • 2021 .Gov Design Conference

    Panel Discussion - Virtual Event

    Event Overview

    Equity in Government Forms: Improving Federal Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Data Collection

    Our bi-annual DotGov Design Conference returns May 18, 2021 to highlight amazing projects and inspiring people working in the government space, and to educate people aspiring to make the world a better place through government projects.

  • Fireside Chat: DevSecOps Strategies in IT Modernization

    Panel Discussion - Virtual Event

    Event Overview

    Federal agencies’ digital modernization strategies are focusing on strong DevSecOps approaches to software and application development. This includes agile methods in coding, infrastructure support and security, and building the skilled workforce to collaborate and support these services.

  • HIMSS National Capital Area Consumer and Patient Engagement

    Panel Discussion - Virtual Event

    Event Overview

    The 21st Century Cures Act and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information rules for its implementation require health care systems to share more of patients’ records with them than ever before, and to make information accessible through specific exchange standards, namely Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources-based APIs. Benefits providers are beginning to use these standards to speed up claims as the claimant can obtain and send them data electronically. On this panel, we will talk with the leaders implementing these technologies in Military Health System, Veterans Health Administration, and the Social Security Administration.

  • ICIT The Newest Attack Vectors - Infrastructure as Code and API Security Virtual Briefing

    Panel Discussion - Virtual Event

    Event Overview

    Infrastructure as Code and API Security

    Moving applications and development to the cloud has delivered both operational and security benefits at scale. However, as organizations begin to automate their infrastructure deployments and configurations using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), a new attack vector has been introduced. In addition, the move to cloud-native architectures increases the use of APIs connecting client applications to cloud hosted, microservices based solutions, introducing another new entry point for adversaries. While scanning for security vulnerabilities in application source code and on-premise network configurations is standard security protocol, many organizations have yet to focus sufficient attention on IaC and API code.

  • Billington CyberSecurity 5G Secure Summit

    Panel Discussion - Virtual Event

    Event Overview

    The inaugural Billington CyberSecurity 5G Secure Summit aims to enable high priority missions and innovation to occur through secure 5G. It will convene senior government and industry officials to secure the future of 5G and beyond.

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