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Our Digital Transformation

The Office of Information and Technology’s Digital Transformation Strategy is our roadmap; it guides everything we do and ensures we’re aligned to the VA Secretary’s priorities. It keeps us focused on core principles that exemplify public service. It also aligns our actions to five common goals and directs our progress in six specific focus areas that drive value for our Veterans, VA employees, and the taxpayers who fund VA.

Everything that we do in OIT tracks directly to one of our five strategic imperatives — Exceptional Customer Service, IT Modernization, Strategic Sourcing, Workforce Transformation, and Seamless and Secure Interoperability — and falls under one of our six focus areas — Data Management, Migration to Cloud Technologies, Improved Cybersecurity, Digitizing Business Processes, Decommissioning Legacy Systems, and Recruiting and Retraining a World-class Workforce.

Every OIT employee fits into this strategy like a single piece into a huge puzzle. No matter what state, town, or VA facility we’re located in, we’re intrinsically linked together by the strategy that defines our everyday work. From field employees at local VA Medical Centers to the staff in the VA Central Office in Washington, D.C., we all have a crucial role in the success of major initiatives across the enterprise.

Our actions in 2019 are proof that even the smallest daily task can make a nationwide difference. With all OIT working together from coast to coast, we can accomplish our goals and take great strides toward becoming the world-class IT organization Veterans need and deserve.

Page last updated on January 23, 2020