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We want our customers to receive an outstanding experience that rivals the private sector in personalization, innovation, performance, and accessibility of the technology we provide. Our Veterans and our customers in VA deserve a seamless digital experience — and we’re demonstrating our commitment to delivering it.

We developed a comprehensive guide that shows how we’re approaching 2020 and beyond — efforts like our Electronic Health Record modernization project and our upcoming focus on mobile-first equipment deployments to initial sites. Our soon-to-be-published IT Information Resource Management (IRM) Strategic Plan details how we will transform OIT into the 21st-century IT organization VA and our Veterans deserve.

In 2020, we will continue to:

  • Provide an exceptional customer experience
  • Drive IT modernization through digital transformation
  • Strategically source our IT acquisitions and transform our acquisition processes
  • Recruit and retain a world-class IT Workforce
  • Promote seamless and secure interoperability across VA and DoD

In OIT, we know that exceptional technology is the backbone of all modern organizations. To take full advantage of the benefits of technology, we must continue to transform the way we do business. Technology success is business success, and with our strategic vision — alongside the dedication of every individual in OIT across the country — we’ll achieve both.

Our strategy is in place. We will prioritize transparency, hold each other accountable, strive for innovation, and foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Together, we will realize our vision of becoming a world-class IT organization that provides a seamless, unified Veteran experience through the delivery of state-of-the-art technology.

Our Veterans deserve exceptional customer service — and in OIT, It Starts With Us.

Page last updated on January 21, 2020


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