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Empowering our partners to build innovative, Veteran-centered solutions.

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A secure API platform to service Veterans.

Lighthouse is an API platform that gives developers secure access to the VA data they need to build helpful tools and services for Veterans. Streamlined and accessible, we designed a modern API development experience to easily build services that provide Veterans with consistent and reliable access to their data.

A modern, reliable API library.

Our library consists of APls for Benefits, Health, Facilities, and Veteran verification Information. These APls allow approved Individuals and organizations to access VA information systems at no cost. API Consumers can immediately request API key access to sandbox data to explore how they can use VA APls to create tools that serve Veterans. Leveraging RESTful API, Open API and OAuth 2.0 standards, our AP ls enable Veterans and service providers to achieve the following goals:

Page last updated on August 2, 2019