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Hispanic Heritage Month – Felix Hernandez

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  • Published on: September 20, 2021
Felix Hernandez quote - Highlighting various successful Hispanic Veterans stories throughout the VA on a regular basis may help instill the feeling that adversity can be overcome.”

Felix Hernandez is an IT Specialist for the Office of Information Security with over five years of industry experience. Mr. Hernandez serves on the External Assessment Services team to ensure data security and integrity while performing enterprise database scans.

What are some of the important issues that disproportionately affect Hispanic and Latinx Veterans today? How can VA bring awareness or address these issues?

Hispanic Veterans face issues like not knowing about resources that can help them.

Other issues include employment. Many organizations do not have Hispanic leaders. Some Hispanics fear advancements or taking a chance because they feel there is no chance of getting a promotion. If more Hispanics are seen in positions of leadership, it will give hope and drive to Hispanics just starting out in their careers.

Highlighting various successful Hispanic Veterans stories throughout the VA on a regular basis may also help instill the feeling that adversity can be overcome since someone like me did it.

Share your thoughts on Hispanic or Latinx contributions, culture, or shared values.

How do these contributions or shared values exemplify the VA mission, ICARE (Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence) core values, or OIT’s guiding principles of teamwork, accountability, innovation, and transparency?

We have nothing but each other in a Latino or Hispanic home, so we learn and live these values. Day after day, core values like integrity, commitment, and respect grow within us until it becomes a part of our daily lives.

Because of our upbringing, Hispanics like me bring these core values to the VA mission. We care about it as our own. The Hispanic culture provides these core values in all aspects of our daily lives. After all, everyone is family with Hispanics.

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