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VA’s Digital Health Platform

What is the Digital Health Platform (DHP)?

illustration depicting the relationship between Veteran, a local healthcare provide, VA healthcare provider and access the healthcare data for the VeteranDHP is an entirely new approach to healthcare, leveraging public-private partnerships and VA’s vast data stores to create a new paradigm for health services delivery — and public services delivery across every Federal agency. DHP is a cloud-based technology platform integrating Veteran data from VA, military and commercial electronic health records (EHRs), applications, devices and wearables to a Veteran’s healthcare team in real-time.

How will it work?

For clinicians and Veterans, DHP provides a comprehensive dashboard spanning a Veteran’s complete health record. From a technology standpoint, DHP incorporates open health data standards such as HL7 and cloud-based technologies to bring together the best innovations in a framework that rapidly delivers new functionality to the nation’s Veterans. DHP leverages a network of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate military and commercial health data, while unifying VA’s data stores, connecting patient to provider in real-time, and predicting the most successful care to provide a better experience to the Veteran.

illustration depicting a developer using available application programming interface (API) to communicate with the dhp

A Veteran’s data and full health record is currently housed in many different, complex systems, each holding discrete records of the Veteran’s interactions with her military, community, and VA health teams. Our DHP liberates this data, connecting to each health record and enabling a wrap-around platform that continuously gathers this discrete data, analyzes each clinical interaction, and prescribes precision, proven care.

This industry-first approach to health care, coupled with individual encounters with the Veteran’s healthcare team, provides a holistic picture of each Veteran’s experience—their priorities, environmental factors, and personal goals—enabling a seamless, positive Veteran experience.

How will this impact Veterans?

Imagine if every piece of health data a Veteran recorded—the number of steps on her phone, the flu shot she received at her local pharmacy, her vital signs at her annual physical, and her treatment at a community provider—were available to her VA provider in one place, with a personalized plan for treatment. DHP realizes this vision.

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Liberating the Data—Transforming Veteran Healthcare through Real-Time Analytics

illustration of byron

Chapter 1 — Byron's Story

VA’s Digital Health Platform (DHP) is at the heart of every stage of this Veteran’s experience: the liberation of his data, the implementation of his care plan, the integration of his clinical encounters, and ultimately, his change to a successful medication.

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illustration of warren

Chapter 2 — Warren's Story

VA’s Digital Health Platform (DHP) is at the heart of every stage of this Veteran’s experience: tracking and monitoring his health, communication between his care providers, and ultimately, improvement in his health.

Meet Warren, a 63-year old Vietnam Veteran, who is preparing to retire from his job as a construction foreman.

When Warren initially engaged with the VA, he was awarded a disability rating of 40%. This disability rating is a result of service connected knee, shoulder, and elbow issues. Because of his various ailments, he led a somewhat sedentary lifestyle after leaving the Army where he was deployed to Vietnam for 14 months and advanced to the rank of Sergeant. This led to poor dietary habits and the development of high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Warren has been dealing with hypertension and hyperlipidemia in addition to borderline obesity. The Digital Health Platform (DHP) analyzes Warren’s EHR data, and recommends enrollment in a hypertension care pathway plan. As part of the care plan, Warren is able to track his blood pressure, heart rate, and weight through home monitoring devices that are provided to him. This helps monitor and prevent the progression of his existing medical conditions.

The DHP recognizes an increase in Warren’s blood pressure from 135/75 to 155/85, which is above his target goal. Picking up on the signal, the DHP sends a workflow trigger to his Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) Nurse.

The PACT nurse receives the message from DHP and gives Warren a call. He confirms Warren is following his medication regimen and the proper lifestyle, and updates the DHP. The DHP sends a notification to his physician that summarizes the findings and recent communications. It also recommends adding a second medication.

After two years on the program, Warren experiences a gradual onset of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). In response, the DHP recommends a CHF care pathway. On a regimen of a diuretic and ACE inhibitors, Warren continues the home monitoring of his blood pressure, heart rate, and weight while also using the mobile application to track his nutrition, activity, and symptoms.

Outpatient CHF treatment suggestions are provided by evidence gleaned from analytics .

The DHP analytics platform notes an increase in Warren’s Seattle Risk Score. In response, it creates a workflow trigger to his PACT Nurse. He is screened and instructed to follow a new established care plan that increases his daily diuretic dose. His continued Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis submission demonstrates improvement of symptoms and weight. Saving time, saving money, and saving lives: the cornerstones of the DHP.

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illustration of nora

Chapter 3 — Nora's Story

VA’s Digital Health Platform (DHP) is at the heart of every stage of this Veteran’s experience: the liberation of her data, the implementation of her care plan, the integration of her clinical encounters, and, ultimately, the delivery of a healthy baby girl.

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