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Software as a Service (SaaS) products help VA staff more efficiently and effectively meet VA’s mission.

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SaaS and VA’s modernization mission

SaaS products are applications that third-party software vendors host and manage. VA staff access most SaaS services by logging into a web application from their browser or downloading a desktop or mobile application.

SaaS products are a key opportunity for OIT to support VA’s modernization mission. When compared to building custom solutions, SaaS products can deliver capabilities faster, lower complexity, and provide higher-quality solutions. Instead of requiring VA to manage infrastructure and implement all security controls for a system, SaaS creates a partnership between vendors and VA to share maintenance, security, and compliance responsibilities.

The SaaS Playbook

The SaaS Playbook is a collection of our best practices for creating an easy-to-understand SaaS adoption process.

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Page last updated on March 17, 2020