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VA Video Connect Reaches Veterans Wherever They Are, Whenever They Need It

VA Video Connect is a new platform that allows Veterans to attend medical appointments and speak to health care professionals virtually. The telehealth solution allows Veterans to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently, and without travel. Each video session is secured through data encryption, and the VA Video Connect app is accessible on any device with an internet connection, camera, microphone, and speakers.

Currently, over 6,000 providers are using VA Video Connect for clinical visits. Since the launch of VA Video Connect in October 2017:

  • 32,000 Veterans have received care
  • 9,800 Veterans have downloaded the app via iOS devices
  • VA has been working to expand the use of telehealth services to improve
  • access to care for Veterans, families, and their beneficiaries

Content last updated or reviewed on January 3, 2019