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The Future of IT at VA — Digital Transformation

Our way forward for 2019 revolves around a new strategic goal: Digital Transformation. While this transformation revolves around digitizing VA’s multitudinous business processes to streamline workflows and automate burdensome, paper-based work, Digital Transformation is more than just changing our processes.

We are only just beginning to harness the power of personalization, of APIs, and of Veteran-centered design, and will continue to challenge our industry partners and our community to ask questions and posit ideas of how to improve our Veterans’ experience. We want our partners to know that VA is open for business for those who want to join us to explore the art of the possible.

At VA, we believe we can provide self-service tools on par with top private sector companies, and we’re aggressively pursuing our vision of a VA that provides the best digital and customer experience in the Federal Government. Embracing our core principles of transparency, accountability, innovation, and teamwork — and working hard every day to reinforce these core principles at every level, in every project, to turn unique challenges into opportunities to improve the Veteran experience — will get us there.

We invite you to follow our progress as we collaborate with our business partners to create the best experience for all Veterans.

Content last updated or reviewed on January 3, 2019