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emergency vehicle moving quickly from right to left at night

COVID-19 Makers Challenge Rapidly Building Innovative Safety Solutions

OIT and the VHA Innovation Ecosystem are delivering innovative safety solutions in response to COVID-19 to help protect frontline health care providers, Veterans, patients, and staff.

News | September 16, 2020

IT Leaders Join VA’s Office of Information and Technology

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Information and Technology (OIT) actively recruits individuals who excel in delivering technologies and services to improve the Veteran experience. Recently, two technology all-stars joined VA to help OIT achieve its vision to become a world-class organization that provides a seamless, unified Veteran experience using state-of-the-art technology.

News | August 31, 2020
Dominic Cussatt presenting  in front of a crowd at a speaking engagement

VA’s OIT Prioritizes Critical Operations While Responding to COVID-19

Dominic Cussatt, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology and Deputy Chief Information Officer, discusses how VA’s Office of Information and Technology maintained critical operations support amidst COVID-19 response.

News | August 25, 2020
tryptic of images

Dynamic Port Security Expands VA Tele-Critical Care Capabilities

OIT’s innovative security solution supports expanded tele-critical care capability during VA’s COVID-19 response.

News | August 14, 2020
Physician able to do dictation using speech recognition

Secure IT Solution Supports Hassle-Free Care to Veterans

As part of its continuing commitment to provide quality service during the coronavirus pandemic, VHA is extending the reach of a critical service delivery software, Enterprise-Wide Speech Recognition.

News | August 7, 2020

A Drive to Excel: The Enterprise Service Desk Answers the Call

The COVID-19 pandemic placed an enormous strain upon operations at VA, but by employing effective processes to implement technological solutions, OIT was able to not only keep up with the demand for increased resources but was able to exceed expectations in certain critical areas.

News | July 30, 2020
Vet Text

OIT Launches New Virtual Check-In Feature

With VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) re-opening, OIT has deployed a new VEText feature making outpatient VAMC visits safer for patients and staff

News | July 24, 2020

OIT’s Sophisticated Monitoring Solutions Improve Veteran and VA Clinician Telehealth Experience

As telehealth visits surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, IT experts at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) acted quickly to ensure a seamless Veteran and clinician experience, creating solutions in real-time to improve VA’s telehealth capabilities.

News | July 23, 2020

3D Printing Innovations Facilitate Medical Breakthroughs for Veterans

OIT’s industry-leading 3D printing resources create customized health care solutions, improved health for Veterans, and enhanced COVID-19 responses.

News | July 15, 2020

OIT Launches Pre-Entry Screening Tool

From concept-to-launch OIT deploys new COVID-19 digital pre-entry screening tool to VA medical facilities in just 12 days.

News | July 10, 2020
Earth at night with city lights showing the connections from the space station

New Tool Helps VA Track and Analyze COVID-19 Data on the Ground

VA’s new National Surveillance Tool, built by OIT, is the single authoritative source for COVID-19 data across the VA system.

News | June 19, 2020

OIT Gets Big Thanks

After OIT successfully ramped up IT systems to accommodate thousands of personnel working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, workers at a regional VBA office shared their appreciation.

News | June 19, 2020
Aerial view of the shelter systems

VA Rapidly Deploys Innovative Mobile ICUs

In just two and a half days, emergency management staff from VHA and OIT turned an empty parking lot into a fully equipped and functioning ICU.

News | June 12, 2020
Individual using a tablet to talk to their physician from home

An Innovative Solution to Support Expanded Telehealth Capability

OIT supports and expands VA’s telehealth capabilities, giving Veterans high-quality care while helping flatten the curve.

News | June 11, 2020

OIT Releases New Coronavirus Chatbot

In response to COVID-19, OIT develops an interactive digital tool to better serve Veterans’ increased need for information and services.

News | June 11, 2020

Customer Satisfaction Scores Continue to Rise During Pandemic

Results from April Customer Satisfaction Survey show improvements in IT service across the board

News | May 29, 2020

VHA and OIT Partnership Delivers Consult Toolbox Enhancement in Less Than 10 Days

OIT and VHA collaborate to deploy enhancements to Consult Toolbox amidst COVID-19

News | May 26, 2020
OIT workers connect to remote VA users during pandemic.

Opening the Floodgates: VA Surges Remote Capabilities and Doubles Network Capacity

VA’s doubled network capacity enables essential remote access and telehealth capabilities to VHA staff in record numbers.

News | May 8, 2020

New Garland VA Facility Ready for COVID-19 Veteran Patients

VA fast-tracked retrofitting Garland VA Medical Center, a 140-bed capacity shuttered hospital, in a matter of weeks to treat COVID-19 Veteran patients.

News | April 21, 2020
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OIT Specialists Deliver Seamless Support to Home-bound VBA Staff Who Process Record Numbers of Veteran Claims During Pandemic

When VA pivoted to emergency footing in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, OIT Specialists supporting VBA went above and beyond to ensure that Veterans’ claims processing carried on without interruption.

News | April 21, 2020

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