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VA Platform One Receives GCN Award for Government Innovation

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  • Published on: April 29, 2022

Distinguished for streamlining the development of cloud applications through a process called containerization, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Information and Technology (OIT) was honored with the 2021 GCN Government Innovation Award for its VA Platform One solution. By using containerization, VA Platform One can package software code into a single executable bundle – called containers – which allows VA technologists to reduce development time from their cycles, deploy cloud-based applications faster, and create a more secure environments for Veteran information.

Currently, the Department is leveraging VA Platform One for:

  • eScreening
    • Web application accelerates the process of documenting healthcare self-assessments and enables users to complete forms remotely or on-site, in advance of a medical appointment.
  • Item Master Syndicate Source
    • Solution provides a single, enterprise view for all medical logistics functions and leverages commercial partners’ product data to identify preferred supply items.
  • Veteran Identification Card
    • System allows Veterans to request a general-purpose identification card that validates military status and replaces the need to carry discharge papers.

Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology and Chief Information Officer, Kurt DelBene said, VA Platform One is another example of how the Department is focusing on innovation, bringing in industry leading best practices, and delivering cutting-edge digital services to VA. Mr. DelBene added, VA Platform One also showcases how VA is driving world class Veteran experiences through transformative technology.

In alignment with Mr. DelBene’s commitment to digital and IT transformation, the GCN Government Innovation Award illustrates modernization efforts that directly impact the Veteran community. For additional stories highlighting VA innovation and Federal leadership, read OIT COVID-19 Scrum Team Wins GITEC Emerging Technology Award or VA Leaders Named FedHealthIT100 Awardees.

Our commitment to digital and IT transformation is shaped by daily dedication to customer service and the close collaboration of our workforce, managers, and leaders. Ready to join us in improving Veterans’ care? Check out all current information and technology career opportunities on DigitalVA. You can also contact VA’s Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer at 512-326-6600, Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST or by submitting a resume to

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