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User Guide - Definitions

Common terms used in the catalog

VA Employees

More information is available on the VA Intranet to help you get the product you need.

VA Intranet


Products that are currently in compliance, for the specific use cases described, with VA policies, including security and privacy policies.
Pending Approval
Product has started the security compliance process and will be approved within the next few months.


Marketplace products fall into five funding categories. Products may have multiple funding options. See the individual product details for a complete list of funding options.

End user funding required
Customers will need upfront funding to pay for product licenses.
No funds required: VA OIT pays for the licenses for this product, and the business does not have to supply any funding.
Enterprise Plus
Same as enterpise, but additional functionality and features can be purchased separately.
Enterprise - limited seats
A fixed number of seats or licenses have been purchased, and if they are available, you will be offered them at no cost. If they are currently allocated, the business will have to pay for additional seats.
Free Tier Available
There is a free version of the product with limited functionality that VA customers may use. The full version of the product will need to be purchased by

Security Level

Security levels are determined by VA Office of Information Security (OIS) in compliance with federal and VA policy standards and requirements. Security levels will be reviewed on your Digital Transformation Center kickoff call, that will include VA security experts.

No VA DATA: Does not exchange information with any VA systems and therefore does not require a VA authority to operate (ATO); these products only require a Privacy Threshold Assessment (PTA) to be completed.

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