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Put our data to work — respond to VA's first micro-consulting workstatements.

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VA’s APIs are standards-based—enabling streamlined, secure, and seamless data access and data exchange flows that promote interoperability and standardize the way our systems talk to each other and interact with external systems.


Lighthouse is the “front door” to VA’s vast data stores—giving developers the ability to design technology solutions that leverage our data and serve our Veterans.


As needs change, Lighthouse can support unanticipated future requirements by providing a flexible framework that allows VA to quickly scale technology solutions and eliminate old databases without disrupting user experience. Lighthouse is proof that VA can and will continually evolve to meet—and even anticipate—Veterans’ needs.


Our open API framework enables rapid innovation in core VA functions—like Health, Benefits, Burial and Memorials—by adopting an outside-in, Veteran-centric approach to creating APIs that are managed as products and leveraged by developers within and outside of VA.