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What is Cyber?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines cyber as:

“The interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, and includes the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers in critical industries.”

What is the Cyber Workforce?

The cyber workforce is multifaceted and encompasses the skills required to build, secure, operate, defend and protect technology, data, and resources; conduct related intelligence activities; enable future operations; and project power in or through cyberspace.

Venn diagram showing the area of influnce impacted by cyber - information technology, cybersecurity, intelligence gathering and analysis.
The expanse of the cyber reach.
Cyber reaches all aspects of our life at VA to include, but not limited to, data storage, telecommunications, network traffic, medical data and devices, mobile, devices, user access and identification, and cyber defense.

Page last updated on September 21, 2021

Digital Cyber Workforce

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