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Policy and Standards

Focus Area Definition

The foundation of a prepared and adaptive cyber workforce are the policies that outline cyber work roles and qualifications. Clearly identified cyber work roles and qualifications enable the unity needed for consistent understanding and training.  Cyber Workforce establishes new policy, standards, and requirements for the full spectrum of cyber work roles within VA. The creation of these policies provides consistency for VA recruitment, retention and development; as well as ensure VA’s cyber workforce is in lockstep with new and emerging Federal standards and best practices.

Developing policies that support cyber workforce standards and capabilities is a critical first step to update VA’s alignment with the latest emerging Federal guidelines. Developing policies that support a modernized workforce provides the scope, cyber-specific qualifications, and workforce management requirements for the cyber workforce.


Establish policy and standards in order to:

  • Modernize cyber workforce standards and capabilities to align with emerging Federal guidelines
  • Establish policy to define, govern, and formalize the VA cyber workforce management program
  • Create a handbook to address the standards and requirements for identifying and analyzing the cyber workforce
  • Institute a handbook on cyber specific qualification requirements

Page last updated on September 21, 2021

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